Friday, January 25, 2008

dropping a lap top

hmmm. this is probably not a good idea but i have done it twice in one week. i got this cool new desk and i sit at the couch and the desk is called an air desk it is perfect height for working on the couch but then my phone rings and i trip over the wires of my computer to try to answer it and boom down goes my lap top. the first time it closed and turned off but the second time it landed just right. poor computer.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

back in nj

hi friends. i am back in nj and i am so tired! it is so cold! other then that i am happy to be back! church was great today and it is nice to see friends and family. i got my christmas presents that i had opened but i forgot what i had gotten. i got a cute purse i had forgotten about and bath towels. oh and i got a feather comforter from big dave that is soooo nice and warm. i guess that is a big bonus since it is sooo cold. i have some gift cards that i am looking forward to using. hope everyone had a great december and a fantastic january! i enjoyed visiting friends and family in CA!! missed seeing the smiths though. ok so if you feel like checking out an awesome blog go to enjoy!