Friday, November 30, 2007

my phone is broken

i can still get calls but not text messages so if i havent texted you back its not because im mad at you. sorry for any miscommunication.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

go green!! eco friendly

here are some ways to go green this christmas...use gift wrap alternatives. try fabric remnants that can be used after christmas as pot holders or table runners or even dusting cloths. also making christmas gifts out of things youmight otherwise throw away like old t-shirts. i got an amazing book call generation T and i might make some gifts this year. any other ideas welcome if you have any ways to be green this christmas let me know. thanks!

Friday, November 16, 2007

melissa mae

a first for me...

so i am baby sitting olivia today she is the cutest little girl. she is just over 9 months old and when she got dropped off she was not happy...well i found out pretty quickly it was because she was stinky (know what i mean some people would call it a blow out) we had to wash her clothes. so anyway back to my original story olivia is one of those babies who does not like to fall asleep because she thinks she is going to miss something. she nods off and then pops back up almost instantly. well i had her on my lap and was rocking her and david sat down next to us to play the guitar and she kept doing the nod off and pop back awake. so this is the first for me....david laid down to rest and olivia was in my arms and i gently sang her to sleep..and at the same time i sang david to sleep. usually david plays the guitar and sings me to sleep. (my singing isnt good but hey it worked!!)