Tuesday, August 30, 2005

lease negotiated

looking forward to a few more summers with Art & Soul...hip hip hooray! I am so thankful for my business and for God being able to use it for His purpose and the fact that my landlord agreed to my terms is a huge testimony to who is on my TEAM!

Monday, August 29, 2005

little bit of this and that

today started with sleeping in i set my alarm for 8:30 and turned it off and then set it for 10 and i got up at 10 to see if my hair experiment worked...it failed miserably. you see i want to look cute but i want to put in the least amount of effort possible. so i saw this girl with curly hair at wawa and her hair looked so good...nice and curly so i asked what she does to her hair and she said all she puts in is a little mousse and hair spray then goes. so since i shower at night i decided to try my luck and put it in before bed. well it didnt work instead my hair looks sorta dirty and i didnt leave enough time for a shower...so here i am at work with semi dirty looking hair that was really washed last night. so then to art & soul to work and i had a yummy muffin from avalon. i got here early to do all my behind the scenes work and i got it done really fast so i went for a walk and sat on a bench to read for a little while. a very nice way to relax before opening. i am so thankful for the beach and the sunshine. tomorrow i get my hair cut yippeee!! i love when it gets straightened by a professional.

Friday, August 26, 2005

this week has gone by so fast

i cant believe it is friday. what have i done this week? well i worked a lot. i went to the beach twice and i enjoyed the summer. yesterday i got my first "lesson" in surfing and the first wave i stood up on i fell (ofcourse) and the board came around and my hand hit the skegg. i have a very sore hand all bruised up. but it was so much fun. i hope to get out again before it gets too cold. i also have enjoyed some good food. My signature hot dog from "hot dog tommy's" is a LW (leaner wiener) with mashed potatoes, sour cream & cheddar cheese. the usually have chili on them too but i dont like the chili. they sell frozen coke's too which a great for a hot summer day.

Monday, August 22, 2005

dream furniture

so looking at my friends tim & jamie new house and all the cool stuff i decided to surf the web and see what kind of stuff is out there that i like. so here is some of the stuff that i found for when i grow up. i have a coca-cola kitchen and i always dreamed of having a real life diner booth..i know it isnt very practical but who cares. i also loved my friends jon & karyn's old couch that was a big comfy sectional this one has a chaise too...great for lounging. the underbed drawers have always been my favorite it just makes sense to use that space rather then have it empty or worse yet filled with stuff that shouldnt be there. the headboard was something i came across while searching...i have had it in my mind to do a trading spaces style covering of our current headboard using batting and fabric...maybe i will do this instead. enjoy.

Friday, August 19, 2005

did i mention

david cooperfield made 15 people disappear and then reappear into the audience from a raised platform while shinning flash lights? and it wasnt like it took a long time it was with in a matter of seconds. that guy is amazing at what he does!

david cooperfield

so cool! i enjoyed every minute of the show! i would have to say my favorite part was his joking, he was really funny. i had no idea what the night would be like and i was blown away by every thing that he did. i am glad i brought a sweater and wore pants because it was sooo cold in the theater but i did order a hot chocolate to warm me up. after the show we went to get dessert at johnny rockets then we saw a street illusionist doing a routine with a cigarette...he stuck it up his nose.

Monday, August 15, 2005


do you ever see someone that you think has to be someone else? Well living in cape may I often see someone who looks just like someone else from far away or from the side then when you see them straight on they dont look that much like the other person. Then there are times like saturday i saw a couple walking across the street and they looked just like my parents from the back...so wierd. i think it has to do with living in california my whole life then moving here. or maybe i am just cuckoo!

Saturday, August 13, 2005


there is something about a good cookie. davids mom has the art of baking pretty much down and a few weeks ago she made some delicious peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. boy were they good. i didnt want to share them with anyone but david helped me to see that sharing is good. so today he bought me a cookie from avalon next door and it is just plain peanut butter but it doesnt even come close to the cookies his mom made.

Friday, August 12, 2005


so today i have kept the air conditioning on and the door closed to art & soul. people really can't enjoy painting if they are sweating. so that means i dont have to deal with the heat and humidity. It says the high today was only 92 but it sure felt hotter. I try not to look at the weather because when i calls for rain i get excited that i will be busy and then usually the rain doesnt bother showing up. The forecast says scattered thunderstorms or isolated thunderstorms for the rest of the weekend and through wednesday...we shall see. i started painting a cape may line of plates and fun stuff i will post some pictures tomorrow...once they come out of the kiln.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


so this is what i ate so far today
chocolate donut
cherry coke
chicken cesaer wrap
kettle chips garlic and herb flavor (i am still burping these)
pretzel (auntie Anne's - thanks to ernie)
frozen coke (also thanks to ernie)
it feels like all i did today was eat but it doesnt seem like that much reading it. also instead of going home and curling up with my book or watching 2 episodes of alias i think i am going to go for a bike ride...even though it is sooo humid out. maybe i can talk david into going swimming at uncle john & aunt dees for a little while. gotta wash some brushes....

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

great day

so today it rained and rained and rained some more! a great day for Art & Soul...the bad thing is that i gave David my cold and he had to help me all day not feeling good. i am so thankful for his help i never could have gotten through the day on my own. the weather man called for early morning showers but it is still a bit drizzly and it is 8pm. i am loading the kiln and david went to get some swedish fish and take some pictures. now i need to place an order because the shelves are looking bare. sometimes i wish i could just drive up to all of my suppliers and pick up the pieces i need you know just like regular shopping but the main supplier i use is in massachusettes...that would be a long drive!

Friday, August 05, 2005


i just finished the 5th book by Wendy Holden they are all set in England mostly London and they were easy reads. i have found that when picking books at the library i lean toward authors that have numerous books and i like to start at the beginning even if you dont have to read them in order. then it gives me a list of books that i can read and i can be in and out of the library. i have yet to read one book that was recommended by my friend Laura because she said it is sad. so maybe once summer is over i will get that one. anyone else have any good books that i might enjoy?? Let me know. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

one thing i could do with out

a sore throat! i am so sad because of it! i have been sucking on cough drops all day and it just seems to get worse. i didnt even want to eat lunch because of the age old "it will hurt if i swallow" in the end i had a slice of pizza that i picked at and then later i got some berry hot tea with honey. still i am not happy about this summer sore throat!

Monday, August 01, 2005

english accents

why do i find english accents so darn cute. especially when little children have them?? well i do and i had a family paint to day from Manchester and the children were so polite and cute and the dad painted a plate with Our Summer Holiday on it! How stinkin' cool is that?? All of the British terms i learned while on our mission trip came rushing back to me...of course now i cant think of any. But needless to say I want to go back to Manchester or any part of England badly...i loved it there!