Monday, August 30, 2004

wierd day

today was wierd it rained a little then it got windy then super sunny then windy then rained again then it just became very humid. so we kept the door closed to keep in the ac inside. it was nice we had a few customers and really got to enjoy them. a lady from tennesse painted and she has a farm with over 70 animals...i thought that was pretty cool. she rescued all of them from being killed or badly treated. anyway i thought that was soooo cool.

see ya later.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

2-7pm i love sundays

so today is sunday and it is a short day for art & soul we started off with 11 painters as soon as i that is good and bad all at the same time. it means i have to keep everyone happy and get them all started but one they have their paint it is easy. so we had lots of nice pieces painted today. and i loaded the kiln today so we will get to see a bunch of nice pieces tomorrow. it is really hot out so we closed the front door to keep the air conditioning is so nice and cool. cape may is packed and nextweekend it is going to be even busier. i am praying for rain or just yucky weather for next weekend...i know im bad but hey its the last big weekend and i would like to be super busy.

see ya later this week,

Saturday, August 28, 2004

august 27th - 8pm

in they walk a family of 5. yes 5. a mom, a dad, the oldest is a boy the middle is a girl and the youngest is a girl. so they are selecting their pieces and the mom questions the dad..."what are you going to paint?" the dad reply's " i am going to help." you would think his youngest must be about 3 if she needs help, well nope she is 8. and now she has selected a $20 mermaid to paint to which both parents say no, because it is too expensive. so the older siblings pick $15 pieces and the 8 year old girl picks an $8 unicorn. the mom picks out a mug and so does the son. and they begin choosing colors...i get them thier paints and the children begin more then 2 minutes goes by then the mom decided she is going to help the oldest son who is atleast 12 and puts her mug back and the dad takes the unicorn out of the youngests hands, by force and proceeds to paint the entire thing (he did ask where she wanted what color) it was very sad to see the little girl continually looking my way all she wanted to do was paint. so in the end the middle child is the only one who painted her own piece and the other two have ABSOLUTELY NO SELF ESTEEM! it was so sad to hear the son say im just not very good at art, it will prob turn out ok. (the saddest part was he didnt even really paint any of it anyway) so needless to say i am not a parent yet, but if i become one someday i will let my kids do their own art.

Friday, August 27, 2004

we had diva night last week. here is a pic of the smallest diva who came for a special night out and her painting.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

extra good day

so art & soul had an extra good day. good for me :)

it was pretty yucky out but no people didnt want to be on the beach which meant great business. we had a bunch of crazy customers....the best was a family that had little kiddies - they always do - they came in at 7:25pm and we close at 8pm now in the beginning of the summer i would have told them we dont mind staying open later you can stay...but today i said oh yeah you dont want to be rushed, so you should come back tomorrow. i am pretty sleepy so its nice that i am getting out of here at 8pm on the dot. see you tomorrow.


Monday, August 23, 2004

me & my sister
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Me & My Sister
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Sunday, August 22, 2004

sunday sunday sunday

so i slept through church today... i needed to rest i feel much better now that i got some extra zzz's. but i cant wait for church tonight, david is leading the music and it should be lots of fun. then after we are having some friends over to our new place. most of our friends go back to college next weekend, so it will be lonely around here with out them. i will miss them and i know david is going to miss them so much. (they are his bandmates...for shirtless dave and the goodlookin's. i guess they have to postpone the tour til' next summer) so today in cape may it is nice, and there is no humidity which is awesome. there are not very many people around and we have had 3 painters all day, but i am catching up on work that i have to do so i guess it is ok. no more umbrellas on the beach since everyone is eating dinner....speaking of dinner dave and mary are bringing me spaghetti and meatballs yum yum yum i am so excited. talk to you soon.


Saturday, August 21, 2004

so i had a great day today

actually art & soul had a great day so indirectly that means i had a great day. we started our day with a birthday party and then were steady for most of the day. so that is great. today i noticed shirt slogans, people wear funny things. the first was a mom of a 7 year old at the birthday party, her shirt said "who do ya luv" and then on the back it said "billabong". there were a few others through out the day that were fairly random. then i looked at myself in the mirror and my shirt says "international missions moped squad" i wonder what people think of my shirt. i cant wait to wear it in england and then for sure i will be looked at with questioning glances...people will wonder where i got such a cool shirt. (or maybe they will wonder why i am wearing 3 mopeds on my chest) so it is 9:38pm and i am super sleepy waiting for 10pm to roll around so we can close up shop and head home to catch some zzzzz's.

good night.


Friday, August 20, 2004

black socks and sandals

whoever said it is ok to wear this combination?? it is hideous. today was the day for bad combinations - ie. black socks and sandals - with shorts. and mullets. (sorry i am not sure of the spelling) but mullets have been all around cape may today. people with mullets are for sure have to be if you plan for a party you know business in the front party in the back. so today i salute the people in the world who are just one step behind. good luck catching up to the rest of the world.


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

welcome back to cape may

i am back. sorry for the lack of updates today was crazy, it was so nice then dark clouds and crash thunder and lighting. it was pretty cool.

welcome to a nice summer storm. they are the best.

see ya tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

gone for a few days

i will be gone for a few days... heading to CA for Melissa Natoli's Wedding. See ya Tuesday.

Monday, August 09, 2004

parasailing & advertising

so this being a beach community and people sit on the beach all day long ... of course there are aerial advertisements that go by behind little planes. well today i noticed there are little banners behind the boats that do parasailing. now this is odd to me because i looked into parasailing, thinking it would be fun and not too expensive. well it does look fun but not fun enough for $80 per person if you have 2 people and $100 for one person. and then to see the parasailing company has advertisements on the line that they send people up on seems like a very smart thing for them...they make money by sending some idiot or 2 idiots up to parasail for $120 or $80 each and they make money by selling the advertising space. bravo to them!! also in case you didnt know i love billboards and i am deprived of them in cape may ( victorian times must not have had billboards) so i love the planes and now i love the parasail boats that fly by or speed by with a short but sweet ad trying to get me to go somewhere and spend my money. well i think they are target advertising to tourists..but hey i can see them fly by so they got me too.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

what a way to start the week

so here is how crazy i have been lately...i am ok though for anyone who is extra concerned.
Read about my mishap at

Talk to you tomorrow.


Sunday, August 01, 2004


typically saturday is very slow at art & soul...last night was very busy. so i am very happy..but i was too tired to update last night...and we have been busy so far here is what Cape May brought to my attention yesterday...people are nuts. Oh yea you know the type, the wife is ready to spend spend spend but the husband is cheap. so the wife brings all the kids in and they all want to paint sooo bad and the dad says NO...because he is cheapo and we dont have anything under $ have got to be kidding me. Ok so i know it is hard to please everyone but we have over 30 pieces for $8...and i think $8 is fair. Maybe I am crazy but I felt so bad for the kids who all left crying. And today...we had a family come in from northern nj and there were 5 kids and the mom...well the mom said to the youngest look with you eyes not with your hands...and then she said it again and again and again. and then she said if i have to tell you again your not painting anything today. well...he did it again and he wasnt allowed to paint anything...all I can say is WAY TO GO for that mom. (he cried for about 2 minutes then he sat and watched everyone else paint) i have to say I was impressed.