Tuesday, March 29, 2005

nick & me

this is my friend nick and me!! i dont think he wanted to pose for this picture, maybe it had something to do with me tickling him.
this picture doesnt seem to work...sorry about that!

Monday, March 28, 2005

what a weekend!

so i am still in california and i had an awesome day on friday and then stayed up until 5am with two friends laying in bed talking...3 girls in a full size bed. it was fun! then saturday we got up around noon and went to hof's for breakfast, i never really liked hof's before but this time i had the best breakfast ever, it isnt even on the menu and i am not sure how i ordered it, but it was delicious! i new take of potatoe skins for breakfast, hash browns with melted grated cheese on top and bacon crumbled and a side of sour cream. i also had a blueberry muffin but i think i had one bite of that! i was in carb heaven! so after breakfast i went to help my dad move and i am still sore from all the heavy lifting...not to mention he lives on a really steep hill in san pedro and i had to walk up and down 30 stairs and part of the hill to load the car. thankfully he moved to a new place on flat land but i do miss his view. so when i was moving one box i wasnt paying attention and the suv parked behind the car i was loading had just parked there and it was a little tight for me to get through but i figured i would be fine...well i was WRONG!! i walked full speed into the liscense plate holder and i have the nastiest bruise on my thigh...i actually sat down and cried right there because it hurt so bad. it still hurts but i am getting tough!! and i was so glad that i could help my dad. sunday we had dinner with my whole family and my dad gave me my birthday present...he is so cute! it was $$ for a surfboard and in the card it stated "This money is only for Schmit's (my childhood nickname) birthday present of a surfboard. If you try to spend this money on something else it will self destruct and it will send smoke signals to your dad. Be very careful...He will find out if you try to spend it on something else." Isnt he so cute! So when i get home i am going to buy a surfboard!! i am so excited!! better start doing some push ups so i can paddle out this summer.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

great birthday!

i had such a great birthday!! thank you to all of my friends and family!!

Friday, March 25, 2005

my husband loves me!



happy birthday to me!

so today as of 3 minutes ago I am 25! in england after they sing Happy Birthday they cheer - "HIP! HIP! HOORAY!" so today is my hip hip hooray birthday, i was also told that it is my golden birthday because i am turning 25 on the 25th. i have already gotten my presents from my mom and step dad, Tony. A Casio Exilim 4 mega pixel digital camera..i took some pictures today but the battery is dead so i will have to add them to my blog tomorrow...and hopefully i will have much more interesting pictures tomorrow, because tonight i took pictures of my brother in the car i took a shot of the side of his face with his hood up and i think if someone didnt know better they might think it was me. i said this in the car and my step dad asked if you can see my brothers nose and i said 1/2 of it and he asked what 1/2. it was the left 1/2 - he immediatly said he would know it was my brother because my nose is pierced on the left side. then he proceeded to tell my mom - and you think im not observant! i thought that was pretty cool that he could tell and my mom didnt even think of it she just looked at the picture and said yep you guys look a lot alike. HAHAHAHA! so back to my birthday, tomorrow or i guess i mean today i have some fun plans. i am having breakfast with my mom, sister and brother and then we are going shopping so i can pick out the present from my sister. then in the afternoon i am going to lunch with my dad and then i planned my own birthday party, because my husband is in new jersey and i am here and i have lots of people i would like to see so i sent an email or text message to everyone i know inviting them (if you didnt get an invite...PLEASE dont be sad...it just means i had no way of contacting you..JOIN US at 6pm - call my cell or post a comment if you need direction) we are going to have teriyaki chicken and beef and chinese chicken salad...i hope, i forgot to order it today but i am going to call first thing tomorrow. and we are going to watch Napoleon Dynamite...i am excited. so now my eyes are heavy and my back hurts from typing while laying down on the couch. (i am thankful for wireless internet and my lap top) so good night see you in the morning or evening. Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


so i have given up soda. today is the 5th day with out soda and pretty much any caffeine that i can think of. i was going to get an iced tea at glen ivy, but i decided to go with water because i will add too much sugar and that would probably be as bad for me as coca-cola. i am addicted to coca-cola or atleast i was..and i couldnt stop drinking it. when i started working in the office at compex i had 5 cans of coke in one 12 hour work day. that was the end of it for me. the next morning i had a horrible tummy ache and i felt so sick all day. so i guess i sort of over dosed on coca-cola. i am very proud of myself so far and i think i might be able to have a iced tea or lemonade if i ever dont want water. But i have a new found appreciation for water..i used to hate water..but now i think i like it. today i haven't had enough but i am working on it. the amount of 8- 8oz glasses seems impossible for me to obtain, i have had 5 - 8oz servings and i cant even tell you how many trips i had to make to the bathroom...maybe someday i will drink all 8. wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

glen ivy hot springs and day spa

today i got to be treated to a day at glen ivy. it was so nice...we started in the spa that overlooks big bear mountain which happens to be snow capped...then we went in the stinky sulphur bath which i hate but it opens up your pours...then we went into the mud! the mud is sorta wierd it is on a pedastal in the middle of a thigh high pool of water that is all murky from the mud, so you take the mud off the pedastal and rub it on your body and then you get out of the pool and dry off...your skin gets all yucky and hard. then you get into a nice hot shower and rinse off all the mud. (getting the mud off is the best part) then we went into the roman bath and the steam room which were both nice but super hot...and we didnt last very long in those. my favorite part was next the grotto - an under ground adventure where they paint a warm sea kelp mixture on your body and then you go into a hydrating area and relax...then you rinse it off in a 3 head shower and then you go into a final relaxation room where you get cold water and green apples...so fun!! before we headed home i got my eye brows waxed..and it was sooo painful!! the lady went crazy which is good i guess since they were so thick...but i have to keep up with it now because i dont want to ever have that much wax on my face again! it was so painful and she was very rough and didnt have good people skills when i asked her to take a quick break i dont think she understood that my eyes were watering so i needed a tissue...i ended up using my towel. it all ended with lunch at toms farm and my eyebrows are still red...they do look much better though. thanks mom...i had such a great day!! i love geln ivy!

Monday, March 21, 2005

11 days

so my husband - david and i came to california mostly to visit my family and for our friends cassy & cory's wedding. unfortunately david had to go back to new jersey with out me...we had originally planned to both stay until march 31st, but he was beginning to get overwhelmed with business (which is a good thing) so before we booked our flights he made some calls and was able to push back all of his work 2 weeks, so that meant he got to stay in california for two weeks. since we were visiting my family and i am working at compex i decided to stay the entire time we had already told them we were going to be here. so i am in california and he is in new jersey and it sucks!! remind me if i ever say it will be ok...that it wont..that it isnt very much fun. so like teenagers we talk on the phone every second possible and long into the morning for david and the night for me. on top of all that he is sick..so he stays up super late to be able to talk to me and he is just getting sicker..(is that a word)?? i have no idea. so i will see him in 11 days and until then i think i might have to hook up with our friend tim and do a little video chatting thanks to mac.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

rise and shine - right?

so today i am supposed to go to the mall with my mom and sister, actually to the apple store in south coast plaza we were supposed to leave at 10am to pick up my sister at 10:30am but my mom is still getting ready and so i am sitting downstairs at her desk playing on the computer...i already called and woke up my sister and she was all groggy so i sang her a little good morning diddy...get up get out of bed hurry up you sleepy head...thats all i know of that one. so now i think she is ready...here we go!!! yippee!!

Friday, March 18, 2005

i got to meet mckyah faith!

so my friend julia is here from oklahoma the same time i am here (here being california) so yesterday i drove over to see her and her husband and her new baby..of course i didnt think to bring a camera...but thats why camera phones were invented. so this is the only picture i took of mckyah!! enjoy!! she is adorable and sweet and even smells good...her mommy takes great care of her.

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the oscar mayer weiner mobile!

so yesterday my mom and i went to joanns and there is was parked in the lot...it was pretty sweet.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

i love my husband.
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the mall

so now that i live in new jersey most of the year i think i might take some things for granted. for instance the amount i drive, in new jersey if i want to go to the mall it is 36 miles away off the garden state parkway, so i plan a trip to the mall and usually go along with a friend. in california if i want to have lunch with a friend i drive 20 miles in traffic and i dont even think twice about it, i hop on the 405 freeway and then hop off as if it were nothing. i think it is because i am used to the 405 and the congestion, so it doesnt seem like i am going that far. But when i go to the mall in new jersey it seems llike forever because it is wide open spaces and there is no traffic. this may seem wierd but now that i have been back and have sat in traffic numerous times it makes me think that having the mall 36 miles away and being able to see beautiful marsh land and ocean sunsets while i drive up or back is something i now appreciate rather then loathe. i will now look forward to my trips to the mall. (but i am still going to try to keep them to a minimum)

Monday, March 14, 2005

mission trip to mexico

so we went to mexico this weekend...and i think we actually spent just as much time travelling to and from mexico as we did in mexico. this travelling adventure made for a very interesting trip. lucky for me we were in a super cool suv owned by our friend tony v...and it was super comfy and has xm radio so we were never short on tunes. the work was mostly painting and the kids were so cute. we got to go to their church service and enjoy the worship in spanish. i wish as a teen my youth pastor had taken us to mexico and as a youth pastor i had taken our teens to mexico, i think it is such an open place to help and the fact that it is right in our "back yard" it can open the ees of many teens that are selfish and spoiled. i know i cant change the past, but now i know the opportunity that is in mexico and i hope to return many times when i am in california. i had an awesome trip and i look forward to going back. special thanks to tony v. for driving and to everyone in our car for the laughs....i will always remember the juggling boy on top of the pole...and of course the longest line in history.

Friday, March 11, 2005


There is nothing like Rudy's in Old Torrance...David and My Dad and I went to lunch there today. My Dad is a big fan of hamburger...actually it is all he eats ground beef that is. So at Rudy's he always gets a ground sirloin patty and hashbrowns...then he dips the hamburger in a-1 so today i got the same thing it was so yummy. and of course i had a coke. it is nice to get to see my dad...i really miss him when i am in new jersey, one thing this trip has brought to my attention is i need to make a better effort when i am in new jersey to talk to everyone not just my mom and sister. it doesnt matter how i talk to them...phone, email or text message. people i love i want to make sure they know i love them and i am thinking about them.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

dinner with my dad

so last night i was supposed to go to Melissa & Ryan's for dinner but i didnt feel good all day so i called to cancel and then my dad came over to my moms house for dinner..that david cooked. i am so spoiled. so dinner was nice and we watched Overboard and then my dad brought out a new gadget that he has, a flying saucer. It is a remote controlled device that actually spins and flys and makes the dog go crazy. It has lights on it that when it spins with the lights off it looks really cool. So after playing with it inside for awhile, we went outside and it began to fly away...luckily it cant get too far but when it gets out of range it begins to fall quickly back to the earth. it was a fun night.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Just Another Day...

So today david talked to his aunt and we found out it is snowing in cape may...it is beautiful in ca! In fact, my mom and i drove in the pt cruiser with the top down. (i am not sure yet if i like to drive with the top down) tonight we went to see KENDRAKE the magician at Red West Pizza in Lomita. It was pretty cool, i got a balloon mouse and amanduh got a balloon giraffe and jeff got a super cool balloon hat. then we went to cold stone - what a great way to end the night!! i love ice cream!!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Cassy's Wedding a few Behind the Scenes Shots! Enjoy!

just a little more lip gloss then its time to walk down the aisle!! congratulations cassy marie & cory scott ~ March 6, 2005~
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getting ready
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cassy's bachelorette night - we enjoyed chocolate fondue at the melting pot - this is the yin yang before we dipped in.
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Sunday, March 06, 2005


so i am just now getting ready to climb into bed..all i can hope is that cassy went to bed after i left her house. i think we have everythign covered and no matter what she is getting married to cory at 5:30pm TONIGHT! how fun! so talk to you after tomorrow...and wish me luck.

Friday, March 04, 2005

march 3rd

today i went to LAX at 4am to take my sister and her boyfriend joshua to the airport, then i went again at 10:30am to pick up my mother in law - mary who is making my best friend cassy's wedding cake. then we spent most of the day looking for all the cake supplies mary will need and we got a good deal on the confection sugar thanks to vons! later we went to dinner at mimi's and my friends amanduh and matthew met up with us, for those who know amanda i am pestering her to wear a skirt to cassy's wedding ...join in my pestering if you are brave enough. mimis was delicious never disappointing. then i hit a few shoe stores looking for the same shoes everyone else got on the internet but i was in the phillipines and it would have been too late if i ordered them when i got back...so i am a slacker bridesmaid. its ok cassy still loves me. so now i am getting ready for bed oh and i worked in there somewhere too. i am looking forward to a manicure and some chocolate dessert tomorrow...and i get to see where cassy is getting married..i am so excited.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

weddings and working

so mostly i have been working and trying to help with cassy's wedding...at work i closed a bunch of files and got to see my friend corrie and my friend stephanie and many other friends...and for the wedding i planned what we are going to do for the bachelorette party and the fun day of pampering for cassy...i am off from work tommorrow and mary is flying in to lax she is baking the cake for the wedding. off to get some dinner.