Monday, March 28, 2005

what a weekend!

so i am still in california and i had an awesome day on friday and then stayed up until 5am with two friends laying in bed talking...3 girls in a full size bed. it was fun! then saturday we got up around noon and went to hof's for breakfast, i never really liked hof's before but this time i had the best breakfast ever, it isnt even on the menu and i am not sure how i ordered it, but it was delicious! i new take of potatoe skins for breakfast, hash browns with melted grated cheese on top and bacon crumbled and a side of sour cream. i also had a blueberry muffin but i think i had one bite of that! i was in carb heaven! so after breakfast i went to help my dad move and i am still sore from all the heavy lifting...not to mention he lives on a really steep hill in san pedro and i had to walk up and down 30 stairs and part of the hill to load the car. thankfully he moved to a new place on flat land but i do miss his view. so when i was moving one box i wasnt paying attention and the suv parked behind the car i was loading had just parked there and it was a little tight for me to get through but i figured i would be fine...well i was WRONG!! i walked full speed into the liscense plate holder and i have the nastiest bruise on my thigh...i actually sat down and cried right there because it hurt so bad. it still hurts but i am getting tough!! and i was so glad that i could help my dad. sunday we had dinner with my whole family and my dad gave me my birthday present...he is so cute! it was $$ for a surfboard and in the card it stated "This money is only for Schmit's (my childhood nickname) birthday present of a surfboard. If you try to spend this money on something else it will self destruct and it will send smoke signals to your dad. Be very careful...He will find out if you try to spend it on something else." Isnt he so cute! So when i get home i am going to buy a surfboard!! i am so excited!! better start doing some push ups so i can paddle out this summer.

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