Monday, March 14, 2005

mission trip to mexico

so we went to mexico this weekend...and i think we actually spent just as much time travelling to and from mexico as we did in mexico. this travelling adventure made for a very interesting trip. lucky for me we were in a super cool suv owned by our friend tony v...and it was super comfy and has xm radio so we were never short on tunes. the work was mostly painting and the kids were so cute. we got to go to their church service and enjoy the worship in spanish. i wish as a teen my youth pastor had taken us to mexico and as a youth pastor i had taken our teens to mexico, i think it is such an open place to help and the fact that it is right in our "back yard" it can open the ees of many teens that are selfish and spoiled. i know i cant change the past, but now i know the opportunity that is in mexico and i hope to return many times when i am in california. i had an awesome trip and i look forward to going back. special thanks to tony v. for driving and to everyone in our car for the laughs....i will always remember the juggling boy on top of the pole...and of course the longest line in history.

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Corrie said...

lol, definitely a fun experience! I'm glad that we got to spend so much time together.