Thursday, September 30, 2004

new look for fall

so i decided i had to change my blog from pink to fall. i am so excited for fall...or autumn what ever you here's to autumn!! the leaves are all changing colors and soon the trees will be naked and i will run through the piles of leaves after david rakes them!! i can't wait.

i love new york city. we took my sister up to NY on tuesday and it was so much fun. i cant even begin to tell you how awesome the beautiful city is. when we went down in the subway which we did a lot because the rain was pouring down all day...this time we saw a subway rat and w few subway mice....ewwwwww!! that was pretty gross. but i still love NY!
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Saturday, September 25, 2004

my other fav england pic
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my favorite england pictures
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Friday, September 24, 2004

i loved the UK

ok so i have always thought i would love to travel to europe and other places far from sunny ca...and yes i did move to a far away place in the US ...cape may, NJ. but when i got off the plane in england i couldnt believe i had traveled in a plane for 6 hours and i was in another country...not mexico (which is just a short drive from my home town) so anyway i loved it..the quaint cozy villages, the rolling hills, the stone walls and the sheep and the little brooks and streams. i love the feeling of being in a new place wheter it is in the us or not...from driving cross country i have a love for adventure and travel...but i really cant believe how much i want to go back to England and just immerse myself in the culture and really try to figure out how it all works. the people seem so different from americans but still very similar...and the accents. i love the scottish accent most of all. well anyway...i hope to go back someday and travel more and work less. on the other hand i am glad to be back and i have a friend visiting from CA and as soon as she leaves ( the friend) my sister comes so needless to say with running a store and being a tour guide i have and will be busy. big sale at art & soul tonight and tomorrow buy 1 get the second item 1/2 hopefully we will get very busy...who knows if not i dont care but i will be sad to sit here with no customers when we could be in NY or Atlantic City having fun with Amanduh... well enough rambling....back to work. love, melissa

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

IN England

So we are in England..Manchester to be exact Didsbury. I love it here despite the rain. It is cold but still nice. The college is beautiful and all of the surrounding area did i mention it is so cool. So we have been wokring very hard here, tearing apart offices and moving books and all sorts of other stuff. Tonight we went to the "mall" and there was a h&m there so i bought a sweatshirt and it was cute. i have always wanted to shop at h&m but never made it there when we go up to New York. so all in all i have had an amazing time so far and i am looking forward to the rest of the week. the team is doing great and really enjoying the time here. talk to you soon. love, melissa

Friday, September 10, 2004

Watch Out England! Here we come....

So we are getting ready to leave for Manchester England. We are all packed and ready to go and now it is time to write a qucik note...hope all is well while we are away. Keep checking our iblog at we will be posting as much as possible. I am so excited about our trip...i havent slept in days so the late night flight should be great to finally catch some zzzz's or maybe i will read one of the 5 books that i bought...3 are for me and 2 are for david but i can read the ones i got for him too. I actually bough 4 books for me but i already finished one...Shopaholic Takes is very good and the best part is it is a paper back so it cost less then a hard cover. i just recently figured that whole system much cheaper it is if you just wait for the paperback edition. (i understand sometimes you cant wait) so any way i am going to miss art & soul and family and daily contact with friends but i am so exicted to go to England. I will update all about the trip and put up a picture or two on my blog. love ya. melissa

Monday, September 06, 2004

This is Me & MY DAD...I miss him a lot.
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little flying bugs

so yesterday and today i have been plagued by these little flying bugs...i have killed a lot of them with my bare hands or a towel or a piece of paper but they are still lurking about and every once in a while they come flying around and always seem to dive bomb my head. well i noticed that there was one earlier that seemed bigger then the others, and when i tried to kill it i found out it was 2 bugs and they must have been mating. HOW DISGUTING!! not only are the dive bombing my head but they are mating at the same time. i hate little flying mating bugs!!!!!!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Fall Hours

So I have been kicking around what to do for the fall for Art & Soul and I figured i would post my ideas and see if anyone has any feedback about what I should do about the hours of operation. In case you don't already know, Cape May is a "Summer" town so there are a lot more people around in the summer...but i want to see what i can do in the fall while not sitting in the studio all alone for hours. So here is plan 1: Closed Sun-Tue, 10-6pm Wed&Thur, 12-10pm Fri & 11-8pm Sat. Plan 2 Closed Sun-Tue, 11-7pm wed-Fri, 12-10pm Sat. Plan 3 Closed Sun - Wed, 10-10 Thur - Sat. So that is what i have come up with...let me know what you think.Plan 1, 2 or 3. Or if you have a different idea i am open to suggestions. (also thought my friends and family might be interested in the inner thought process of a store owner (thats me) in cape may, nj) I can't wait for the leaves to turn colors and pile up all over the yard. Yippee its almost fall.


Saturday, September 04, 2004

Saturday - The Long Weekend Has Begun

So today I opened a few minutes after 1pm (which is when my posted hours are) and we had 2 people waiting to come in...oh well. We went to visit Grandmom on our way to the store and got her lunch so its ok that we were a little late. Earlier in the summer I was 15 minutes late because I ran out of gas in the rain and had to wait for David & Cousin Jimmy to rescue me. So it looks pretty gross out today but the beach is still covered in umbrella's supposedly it is going to clear up later so i guess everyone wanted to get the best spot on the beach. Hopefully we will get busy later. Only time will tell. And if not is ok because we always have stuff we can do around the store.
Off to dip the pieces from yesterday in the beautiful blue dipping glaze.


Friday, September 03, 2004

the weekend

oh my i made the mistake of going to the Acme (grocery store) this morning, I had prepared myself for craziness..but it was worse then i could have ever imagined. (even worse the Staterbrothers on Thanksgiving) so i made it out alive and got a few things so when david gets home from cutting grass he can have something to eat. (other then cheese and a tortilla, which is what he had last night) so today is the start of a long weekend...the last one of the summer and it is supposed to be nice. Hopefully we will be busy at Art & Soul any way. i will keep you updated. talk to you later.
love, Melissa