Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the mondays

i have a case of the mondays but it is tuesday...so maybe it will be easy to get over.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

i heart tivo

so my parents have the ultimate tivo set up. it might be pvr i am not sure, but you can tape 3 shows and watch a 4th at the same time...how cool is that!?? so i have the tivo set to tape some of my new addicitions....project runway on bravo and beauty and the geek. i just watched beauty and the geek from thursday and i was sad to see thais and tyson go home i mean how can you send the world record rubix cube guy to the ellimination room?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


lets see i did have a lot of fun at nickel nickel and my toes are really cute pink. other then that we havent been doing too much just hanging out with friends and family. last night we stayed home and spent time with my parents...i made dessert chcocolate angel food cake (not as good as regular angel food cake) strawberries and cool whip...it was pretty good. i finished a good book last night called the shadow of the wind and i have a bunch more to read that i got for christmas. im off to hang out with my mom after i finish my work today.

Monday, January 23, 2006

happy monday

so i am working and what is going to get me through the day today? #1 - a pedicure this afternoon with my mom and sister #2 - going to nickel nickel tonight. i am really looking forward to both.

Friday, January 20, 2006



this is a baby pink furby that lives at my dads house with a few other furby friends. i love those cute little guys. Posted by Picasa

where's waldo

so while hanging out at my parents last night after work we were watching the 90's on vhi and the 93 show had the where's waldo books featured.
and the best part about the books is the other pictures on the page. they showed one page where there was a guy throwing up on and two people dancing in their underwear and other really funny stuff. so if you feel like wasting some time check out the where's waldo game on ebaumsworld it is pretty random.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

coffee bean & tea leaf

i am addicted! i love the tea latte's from coffee bean and tea leaf. i dont think any other company has the recipe down for a tea latte like coffee bean. yum! i am going to miss these tasty treats when i return to cape may...maybe i can get avalon coffee and tea to make them! here's hoping!

Monday, January 16, 2006


so while in california we have had the opportunity to visit lots of friends and family. i really miss everyone when we are in jersey but it is hard to see everyone so i was trying to figure something out so we can invite people to have fun and hang out. so any suggestions are welcomed, i have come up with a couple of ideas but i will wait to post them to see what everyone else comes up with. thanks!

Friday, January 13, 2006


why is it that a pair of usper cute shoes can make your day? i am not a girly girl in the sense that i have 50 pairs of shoes i mean i do have a few but nothing over the top. so my mom took me shopping for a dress and shoes for a wedding we are going to tomorrow. and i love the dress but i really really love the shoes. i think they are exactly what ihad in my mind for what i wanted. now i have to get some more cute outfits to match my new shoes. (is that a bad??)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


poor david is sick...i hope he begins to feel better soon. i hate to see him not feeling good. hopefully it is just a little bug and it will pass soon.

other then that we are just hanging out at my parents we went to dinner last night at Brian & Annasarahs - tacos and pizookie very good. Thanks for having us over!

my sister made it home safe from italy but she says it is expensive there and she spent about $1,000 on food, cab rides and a few bottles of wine and olive oil for souvenirs. i hope to go to italy some day so i guess i better save my pennies! i miss lilly she was fun to play with and cuddle with, my parents cat anthony is old and he sees me coming and runs the other way because i am like elmyra from tiny toons. what can i say i want to love him and hug him and squeeze him and he doesnt like it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

vegging out

i worked at the compex office in torrance yesterday and after work i was pooped!! thank goodness for tony he drove me to work in my zombie state and home from work in my lack of fresh air induced zombie state. I really think that being in a building with out fresh air for 7 hours is draining me of my energy. so today i am in the office again, but i have a plan to go out and get fresh air during the day rather then just at lunch time. and i am trying to leave early....hopefully at 2pm. so what did i do when we got home first i laid in bed and talked to david then we had dinner then we went to this really cool art gallery/coffee shop, then i vegged out on the couch watching tv...but it feels like i am watching movies because my parents screen is soo big. i watched Emily's Reasons Why Not, Jake in Progress (then i should have gone to bed) but i watched CSI Miami. The 1st two were 30 min shows and i think that is too short they weren't very good, but i love CSI Miami. i better get to work...dont want to be slacking on the job.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

seal beach

so if you check out my husbands photo blog you might notice some of the new shots are from seal beach. well i was there with him while he was taking those shots and it was a beautiful morning, but still a little breezy. when he was on the beach taking the photos i laid out my coat and basked in the sun and sat watching the people surf or just laid back and enjoyed the noises of the crazy birds who must of thought my del taco cup signified that i had some french fries to feed them. (instead i threw pebbles and beach wood at them) then we went up to watch the surfers from the pier and david took a bunch of really awesome shots and at first i was playing with all of the lady bugs on the bench i was sitting on (why are lady bugs on the pier?) and then i put my hood up and laid back on the bench and just basked in the sun (again!) it felt so good to just relax.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

kitten sitting

so we are watching my sisters kitten named lillybella. and she is nuts!! here are a few of the crazy things she has done in just the one night we stayed here.
1. attacked a burning candle - my sister warned me about this one.
2. fell in the toilet - she was so fast to get out of the water
3. chewed up my book - yep just like a dog
4.attacked david - but he is so loveable (he was drawing and she had to have his pen)
5.chewed on my toes - she is crazy about toes i guess (so i put on socks)
6. currently she is trying really hard to chew on my computer

so that is it for now. i know super exciting.