Thursday, April 27, 2006


guess i need to slow down...since i didnt notice my spelling mistake on the last post or even that laura and jill had typed spell and not smell. phew!

the church between david's dads house and our house has a really interesting saying on their sign. i think they have 5 sayings that they just rotate - If life has you wrinkled, come inside for a faith lift.

so what are we doing today?? i am working right now or supposed to be, and cassy is sleeping. then we are going to climb the light house!! 299 steps.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New York

Good Reasons to go to NY..
1. Pick Up a Friend who is flying in from CA
2. To walk through the flower mart and spell all the fragrant aromas
3. to spend time at Tannen's Magic

We drove up to NY yesterday to pick up my friend Cassy Marie and to take our friend jon so he could go for an interview at NYU.

Friday, April 21, 2006

gloomy day

the forecast for the weekend is rain and today it is gloomy. i have had a steady stream of customers today though, so that is good. i didnt even eat lunch yet and its already 3:30pm. i think i might go next door to louie's pizza and get a slice or maybe some cheese fries....yum! i am so healthy. and to top it off maybe i will get a coke....yummmy!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


so the signs of spring flowers, warm sunny days and road kill. yep thats what i said - ROADKILL. it is so nasty and it makes me so sad...but all the animals must forget how dangerous the cars are while they are hibernating or migrating. but i am thankful for the spring flowers (even though i have been sneezing and having a few bloody noses) and the warm days. its nice to only grab a sweatshirt just in case. (of course i am wearing my sweatshirt today but its a bit breezy) hopefully next week i will get into my garden and pull all the weeds and plant some wild flowers.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

a cool picture

so i finally downloaded the pictures from my last trip back to ca and this picture is pretty cool!! ok atleast i thought it was pretty cool! i took it through one of those telescopes that you put a quarter in at hollywood and highland.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

crazy weather

so the past week has been so nice and sunny and warm...well that all changed today! it is so cold and windy and stormy. well i just found out in the bay between cape may and delaware there were water spouts and 90 mph gail force winds- my father in law works on the ferry and he actually had to pilot a ferry through all of that! and david is driving up to pick up his cousin tommy in greenport and as he was driving through NY he was stuck in a blizzard and he sat on the verazano narrows bridge as it rocked from the winds!! he sent me a picture message of the snow on the front of the suburban he is driving! so where did spring go?? i hope it doesnt stay gone for too long. i am sooo cold!