Thursday, December 30, 2004

dancing the night away

so christmas has come and gone and david and i went up to NY to get my parents and now tonight we are driving back up to NY to deliver them to their hotel and i think we will sleep over with them and then drive back to Cape May tomorrow. This visit has been nice except i have been very sick...probably in part to the freezing cold weather in NY and the snow and everyone around me being sick. i plugged in my green mini i-pod yesterday and finally got my music loaded on i have to download my $50 worth of music that i got for christmas too....also i have been trying to keep up with everyone else on DDR max...but my mom and davids mom seem yo have the most fun with it....i get out of breath too fast because of my cold...atleast thats what i like to use as an is a lot of fun!!! and very addicting...i can see me getting into shape real quick!! well i hope everyone has had as wonderful of a Christmas and week after as i have. Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

this is super cool

so david looks at a lot of photo blogs and he showed me this one i am amazed at the photos be sure to hit the back button to see yesterday's shot too.

Very Cool Photo Blog

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

David & cute. I babysat these two adorable kids on monday and we painted ceramics for them and for their parents...they are so sweet and loveable.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

open house at Aunt Sheri's

so tonight was open house at aunt sheri and uncle tommy's it was a great time for me but sadly david had to stay home because he is sick. we just got home and he is resting while i am getting ready to wrap presents...i have one more present to buy and then i am done!! yippeee!! after work today i came home and baked some chocolate chip cookies and ate a lot of cookie dough!!! it was yummy!! christmas is coming!!! yippeee!!


so it has been cold and snowy!! it is so awesome..a little scary to drive but that is why i have david. i babysat last night and it was so much fun!! the kids are on our dot mac weblog david put them up from when we did Matt's stocking they are in kindergarten and 1st grade and i brought some ceramics for them to we kept busy then they went to get showers or baths and then to bed...then i got to hang out with Karisa..who is their acting big sister...i had such a great night!!

Friday, December 17, 2004

my mom has a blog!!

for anyone interested check out my mom's far she only has one post but hopefully she will stick with it.

My Mom's Blog

Thursday, December 16, 2004

silly joke time

what is santa's favorite sandwich??

****peanut butter and jolly!! ****


Fa La La La know how that song goes.And of course many other christmas songs because that is what we do...we learn christmas songs when we are kids and then we continue to sing them and listen to them as we grow up. So what is Christmas like for you? For me it is very different now then when i was a kid. When i was a kid we (being my older sister and younger brother) searched high and low for our presents and often my sister would find them and not tell my brother and i. Then we would open the inevitable pajamas on christmas eve and get changed and set out cookies and milk for santa and then go into our bedrooms and sleep. We never slept for very long, even just a few years ago when i lived on my own with my husband I got a phone call at 5am from my brother wondering where we were. So when we were kids we got to go through our stockings before our parents got up and in later years before our mom got up. Then we would wait until what we assumed was a decent hour usually 6:30 and wake our parents up very abruptly and rush them to get out of bed and come into the living room so we could begin opening our gifts. The time it took for our parents to get out of bed make coffee and get to the living room always seemed like an eternity. I can hear my brothers voice,"come on mom hurry up" he is the baby so he was always the most excited. Then we would all settle in around the christmas tree with blankets and my brother and i seperated the presents. once the piles were all set then we would begin opening one present at a time in rotation. We always seemed to start and end with my brother since he was younger he got more presents because they were still cheaper. Now of course he has the least amount of presents and he still hasnt adjusted to the change. So for me this year I live in a different state then my siblings, but i have already contemplated calling and waking them up at the crack of dawn because they always did it to me and i dont want to miss out. I now understand how hard it must have been for davids family when he was away, and I am excited for a new tradition. We have been in Jersey for christmas before but only visiting this year we live here and i just shipped off all of the presents to my family. i know i wont get to see their faces when they open them but i am still just as exicted for sharing the gifts i picked out specially for each of them. I am enjoying every part of my first New Jersey Christmas and I am looking forward to next saturday and all of next week as Christmas comes closer..Traditions are sometimes hard to break but they dont have to be broken..just a little bit of change. I know my Mom is sending my pajamas...and i will get to open them on Christmas eve.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

david in boston

so yesterday david and his cousin tommy hit the road to go and pick up cousin jimmy from Eastern Nazarene College in Boston...they got there safe and sound and in record time...thanks to cousin tommy's driving. when i talked to him a bunch of them were heading into boston and going to play pool near where the Red Sox play and it was 3 degrees...doesnt sound like fun to i stayed at Dave & Mary's last night and woke up early this morning and took Melissa Joy to school and then i went home and wrapped a ton of presents that i have to send off today to my family to make sure they get them in time for was fun to wrap everything until i realized i havent gotten anything for my brother...i know what i am getting him...but he is going to be sad because my sister has a lot of presents...and he is only getting one...they are of the same value...oh well...maybe he will be sad because i am not there...yeah right...who am i kidding... oh well. Christmas is so much fun!! It is cold here now it was 23 degrees when i got up but the sun is shining and our house is nice and warm...gotta get some work done.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

so this is my sister, my mom and me at California Adventure in the summer...i miss the is starting to get cold here but its not as bad as people make it out to be..the trick is to today i have on a tank top, a long sleeve shirt, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and a jacket. the problem is i am no good at layering on my bottom half..tights are really unfomfortable and so are long jons with their saggy my butt and legs are a little cold. hey atleat i have mittens to keep my fingers warm..i have to take them off to type though.
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Monday, December 13, 2004

In response to Who is Parsons Brown???

attacking someone on their web site isnt very nice. but just in case anonymous wants to know i did not know parson brown was a minister and i dont think i have ever heard that in a i am not sure how being a devout church member has anything to do with this song. and i wasnt trying to ruin CHRISTMAS!! i never thought about the meaning until someone else brought it up and i always thought parson brown was just a color...and to tell you the truth i never thought anything sexual about the song and in re-reading my post there is not a mention of the "questionable" part of the song being about anything sexual...well everyone is entitled to their opinions. sorry if i offeneded anyone it was not meant to be offensive. merry christmas.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

who is Parson Brown??

so the christmas season is apon us...that means i get to listen to christmas music whenever and wherever possible...even in the car - because david loves me. so the song winter wonderland has some questionable lyrics and i cant seem to find anything on the world wide web that can explain i am asking my friends here on my blog. just what is this song about and who is parson brown and why does he the snowman turn into parson brown in one verse and a clown in another?? anyone else confused by this?? just wondering...i did find one guys description of what he thought ...and david and i talked about it but i am still very unclear on this whole thing. so friends what do you think??

Friday, December 10, 2004

new babies

so my friend julia is a new mommy and i had a customer in who works in the maternity ward at the local hospital...she used to live in florida and worked in maternity there i was telling her about Julia and i told her the name julia and micah choose...and she said she had a lady once in florida that got the paperwork to fill out and it said Hernandez, Female and she said ok thats a good name the doctor picked i will keep it. She didnt understand it was the gender. So the little girl was named Female...but it was pronouced Fe mal say it with a spanish accent...can you imagine your name being Female?? poor child. if you dont get it sorry it is hard to capture the story in writing..but it is a pretty crazy story..none the less.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

2 String Beans

So 2 string beans were walking down the street and one got hit by a car.
They rushed him to the hospital and the other sat in the waiting room and the doctor came out after waiting for a long time. The Doctor said,"I have good news and bad news.The good news is your friend is ok.The bad news is he is going to be a vegetable for the rest of his life."

HAHAHAHAHA!! Corny jokes are the best!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


so i finally started my shopping!! i went up to the mall 36 miles away with a friend and got most of my shopping done....yippee!! i even got to go to target!! i love target and micheals!! it was soo awesome! then yesterday i went to sunset beach because david was substituting for 5th grade..he had a very interesting day to say the least. we are looking forward to the weekend and the journey to find jesus...david is a guide and he has been working hard on his lines and i think he is going to do a great job. we have caravan tonight and mary and i are going to run through the songs with our students. i think i might try to get david to take me to the polar express...i really want to see it and i have been putting it off to try to go to the good theater up the road...but i think i will cave and go to the bayshore 8...wish me luck.

Saturday, December 04, 2004


The west cape may christmas parade was tonight and it was soo much fun!! It wasnt even too cold (44degrees with a little bit of cold wind) thank goodness!! The parade was super cool there were some really cute favorite was a boy scout float that was sponge bob square pants theme...all the boys had cardboard painted with the characters and they were doing a little dance around the float...very cool!! i had on my mittens...which means i only had a thumb and a rounded shaped hand for the whole parade...i tucked the mittens into my coat and pulled the sleeves real tight...i think my hands were sweating at one point...our friend Merrill who is 8 asked me to help zip up his coat...but i refused to take off my mittens and sent him to mary to get zipped...she is much nicer then me and she took off her mittens and zipped him up..he told me you can do it just take off your mittens....i said NO WAY THEN MY HANDS WILL GET COLD..brrrr!! well i encourage all of my friends from california to come out next year for the parade it was awesome...nothing beats a real cold christmas parade with steamy hot chocolate and mittens to get the christmas season started.

Friday, December 03, 2004

kiln...cold..wind...and pizza

so today i got up and fixed our outside lights because we didnt have enough lights in the bushes...and uncle john let us use some of his...then i headed down to art & soul with david who had a lot of work to do but came with me anyway because i asked him too. well the kiln was open since i ran it yesterday and was too lasy to empty it..and the temp read 55 it was 55 degrees in Art & Soul brrrrr!! thank goodness for a nice heater. so the store warmed up fast and then i put out the signs...well the wind comes down our street very fast and it blew my sign over 1, 2, and finally 3 times so i decided to bring it sign today to attract people looking for soemthing too do...the pizza...i have been trying to cut back on my pizza eating...since i have gained some weight since i moved here but today i was hungry so i went and got a slice of white pizza...which i usally love but whoever made it left the biggest chunk of garlic and ewwww i bit right into it and it made me gag!! i thought i was going to barf...thank goodness i didnt i am ok..but it sure did ruin my lunch!! oh well...tomorrow i will have to get a chicken cheesesteak and curly fries...yum.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

back in the swing of things

well being sick is not fun!! especially since i have forgotten to do a few things since i was sick and my brain wasnt functioning properly...well now i have all of the things i needed to do finished and i feel much better. i still feel a little sick but i feel better about not having unhappy customers and about being able to order my dress for cassy and cory's my to do list is shrinking. which is a good thing!! i had the enjoyment of david's cousin laura bringing emily (2) and eva (4mo) to the store to paint was so fun and the presents are going to be so cute!! i have to get pictures of them when they are done because they are that cute!! we did hand prints and even got little eva to do her hand prints. We also had her little feet painted which she did not like one bit!! she is such a good baby and we made her super mad!! she was throwing the first fit i have seen he have and even her mom was surprised at the tantrum. I had so much fun with them...we even had pizza for lunch and emily had a yoohoo!! oh to be a kid chocolate milk and pizza...sounds nasty to me but she loved it. so now i am working and i have to unload the kiln in a little bit it is at 150 degrees and i am waiting for it to be cooler so i dont have to wear gloves or use pot holders....tell tomorrow. love, melissa

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

i have been sick....sorry for tha lack of updates

so i have a cold...thanks to my lovely sister in law and the combination of going swimming in 40 degree weather..well the pool was inside but then i went outside with wet hair and that couldnt have been good for my immune system...even though they say it has nothing to do with cold getting sick..i was frozen!! so i am starting to feel better now...but i am still all boogery and my head is super congested. i did finally get a good nights sleep last night thanks to orange flavored alksetlzer ?? on spelling... so i am off to acme to get some more medicine...wish me luck!! hope i can sleep tonight.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

great saturday!!

hip hip hooray!! hip hip hooray!! hip hip hooray!! that is what they do in england after they sing happy birthday and i just felt like now was the time to sing a glorious hip..hip...hooray!! mostly because i had a great day at art&soul and second mostly beacause i am excited for most of the items painted were christmas ornaments and i redid my window display for christmas and i am excited about decoarting my house!! well i think i will make david do most of the decorating outside...but i will do the inside...well i am off to eat a delicious chicken cheesesteak and curly fries and of course a coke!! good night.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

weekend of fun

so we are getting ready for an extra long & soul is open tomorrow for pick ups only from 11-1pm and then we are going to pack and once mary gets off work we are going to drive to lancaster for thanksgiving. there are outlets, family style eating and amish...what more can you ask for?? oh and our hotel has 2 indoor swimming pools and a little water slide....and a hot tub. while we are away we will be with most of davids family...uncle john & aunt dee-jimmy & shannon, uncle tom & aunt sherri - tommy, laura & jacob - emily and eva, grandmom, uncle billy & aunt kathy, david, me, melissa joy and is going to be soo much fun!! hopefully we will have time to get in some picture taking and maybe even some family photos...i am going to bring my hair straightener...and some lip gloss....that is rthe extent of my make up collection...sometimes i wish i had a magic dark circle eraser...but all that concealer and cover up is sooo instead i just look like i am sick and tired....well here is to an exciting time. and best of all cousin jimmy is home from college!! yippeee!!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

super saturday

so today was a great day at art&soul...we had 16 painters and no birthday parties..for the off season to have 16 painters and none of them scheduled to show up was unbelieveable!! we even had some return customers from the summer who came down just for the day from philly. i even started working on a little project i didnt finish but i that was fun. we had some pick ups too from birthdays last weekend and i invited the kids to come and sing in our church childrens program..hopefully they come and add some voices...if not i am still proud of myself for & soul is such a great tool for bringing friends to church....well good night. love, melissa

me, corrie & katie
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Friday, November 19, 2004

i want an ipod mini....they are so cute. i want the green one...i know i dont need it but i can want it right???
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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

its wednesday

so today i had my first school project with the local elementary 3rd & 4th grade. i thik it went well...tomorrow is 1st &2nd grade and then the rest of the grades next week on mon, tue & wed. the kids are painting ornaments for christmas and the teachers all seem very jealous of the fun projects...tonight we have a birthday party for one of our locals who comes in once a week. i am excited the guests are beginning to arrive. talk to you later. love, melissa

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

back to the ole' grind

so i had a day off and it was fabulous!! we went to NY city and walked and walked and walked and then we went to see david letterman being taped and then we went to an expensive dinner at olive garden in times square and then we walked more and then we went to COLDSTONE and then we hit the subway and then we walked some more and then we hit the water taxi and then we were headed back to cape may. it was great the walking in ny while it was NOT raining is something i had not done in a few years and the sites were all spectacular. i got to do a little shopping and even ended up buying exactly what i was looking for for the exact price i wanted to pay...a black shawl thing for $15 i love it...i worked hard today and got all caught up and now it is time for dinner...good night. love, melissa
ps david letterman is really funny...he doesnt even read cue cards except those blue ones he has on his desk.

Sunday, November 14, 2004


we went to the movies last night and it was my first time going to the movies since february...and the movie was soooo good!! the only problem i had was that i forgot for a minute that i was in a theater...(i was a little out of practice) i accidentally spoke out loud at a part of the movie and i was soooo embarassed!!! i said very loudly.."she is invisible!!" i even had a lot of excitement in my voice!! i am such a dork....but luckily david and melissa joy forgave me for my outburst!! INCREDIBLES IS SOOO AWESOME!!!

Friday, November 12, 2004

david letterman here we come!!

so for months now i have been sending online requests for tickets to see the david letterman show being taped in NY!! and we got a phone call yesterday saying they had tickets available for this coming monday and to call and they would set up the arrangements after we answered a quiz i called david and made him call back because he watches more then i do...and he called and left a message and no one called then i called this morning and left a messgage and they called he answered the question the way i could have answered it was asking who the announcer guy is..i cant remember his name but they said his name and david had to say who he we are going to NY on monday and we get to see david letterman being taped...i am so exicted!! then after the taping we might go see the polar express in the city and a big movie theater...cause i want to see it really bad!! yippee!!! something to look forward to for monday!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

off to a jewelry party

sooo..tonight i am going up to cousin laura's for a jewelry party...should be lots of fun! good food and jewelry...well i am exicted about the food because i am making a 7 layer...well really it is a 6 layer taco dip...the 7th layer is the tomato and i leave that tomatoes ruining my dip!! talk to you later. love, melissa

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

i added links!!

so i was looking at the butcherblock and i noticed that there were some links to other blogs...well i asked corrie if she knew how to do it and she said to ask tim...well instead of bugging Tim i decided i would do some research on my own and try to figure this thing out...and i pretty much got it all figured out...scroll down to see my links below the archives section...maybe later i will move them to above the archives but for now i am happy with what i did!! i am the smartest girl i know...well atleast i think so!

news!! or maybe not news!!

so today i have been up since about 7:45am that is early for me...not big news but still i cant believe how much i have already accomplished!! all of my compex work for today is done...and since art & soul is closed i am going to go home and clean and then maybe go and visit laura, emily and eva...we shall see. so the news...well i like to look at MSNBC The Week In Pictures but sometimes i forget to look on friday when it comes out so today i went searching for the week in pictures from last week and i found it...but the best part is i noticed a link so i could get a reminder email from msnbc to go and look at the week in pictures!! i think that is so cool! so maybe it isnt news at all...but here is a link to the week in pictures from last week...enjoy...just a warning sometimes the pictures are very graphic and sometimes they are hard to look at...dont want anyone to get mad at me...but they are real life and to me the ability to look into the lives of others, including our president is very interesting and i enjoy it. -melissa

Monday, November 08, 2004

beautiful sunset

so i have a beach view from the studio and lately the sunsets have been sooo beautiful! i love the ocean but not the cold ocean breeze we are getting...brrrrrr!! i am in need of exercise!!! maybe tonight we will go for a walk and take some cool pictures!! i love photography and my friend cassy started a photoblog on is a link enjoy. love, melissa

Saturday, November 06, 2004

what a weekend

so i had a crazy weekend so far at art & soul..we had a birthday party friday and a birthday party saturday and both parties were 16+ kids and some was so great!! today the party was for davids cousin shannon who is adorable and turning 13...the kids all seemed to have a good time. and the best part is since she is family we got to eat all the good food too...and Mary made the cupcakes...delicious!! and tomorrow all the family is getting together for lunch to celebrate shannon & melissa joys birthdays...and that means more cake!! it is 8:48pm and the last customers just left so we are cleaning up and getting ready to go...oh yea i made 2 baskets for uncle john to give to his clients and they were super cool!! everyone loved them...and one lady said she wants to order some for her husband to give to his clients..yipppeeee!! i will post some pics of them later (the baskets...even though there is no basket love, melissa

Friday, November 05, 2004

he loves me.

this is a picture david took of me. if you click on it it will go to his photoblog...check it out.
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Thursday, November 04, 2004

will this beauty ever fall?? ok well i have been trying to log on to my weblog and it is going very i thought i would try to beat the system and do it this was a great day for me despite the rain and cold. i got a lot of work done for both of my jobs and i am very proud of my accomplishments...i also enjoyed conversation with a customer and she even brought me a bunch of hair products that her sister gave to her and she wont ever use!! all in all a great day.
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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

fall trees and a victorian mansion
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fall colors
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my new hair do...layers with a little bit of is hard to see..but i love it.
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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

jesse at art & soul
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Saturday, October 30, 2004

landing in atlantic city

so when i flew in from california i had a window seat and when the plane came around the southern tip of new jersey as it always does i saw the cape may light house and then all around for miles i saw the most beautiful sight! it looked like new jersey was on fire...actually like there were many small fires in patches as far as i could see. since ther was no smoke i knew it wasnt fire. the autumn leaves had all begun turning before i left but it was dark when i took off and i didnt have a window the landing was spectacular!! i cant even begin to explain how cool it was to see fall from the air. i have been wanting to type this since i got back but just havent had time. if you have never seen fall...i mean the fall where all the trees leaves turn and then begin to fall you should consider coming to visit us in the fall...another cool thing is when you drive down the street the leaves are falling and every once in a while it is like the sky is raining orange, red and yellow leaves and the wind picks up and blows them all around the car.

Friday, October 29, 2004

this is emily. taken in her grandparents home by me.
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this is cousin laura and eva. (beautiful)
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this is eva...emily's 5 week old baby sister.(in her grandma's garden)
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Thursday, October 28, 2004

what a week

so i know the week isnt over but so far it has been a whirlwind for me. it began on sunday at 5:40pm when i boarded a plane in atlantic city headed for cincinnati and then for lax and it has not slowed down one bit. i am glad to report that i had time to visit many friends and of course family but unfortunately this was a work trip so i didnt get to see everyone i really wanted to see and i am sorry if i missed you on this trip. i stayed out way too late on night 1 of my week that would be monday and so i was feeling the pain the rest of the week. i am now sitting in my parents office and i just finished a huge project of going through my crap that i left here and deciding what should be done with it. there are still 10 boxes that i need them to hold onto and thus far they are willing...i got rid of 8 boxes and then there are 2 boxes of christmas decorations i have labeled and asked them to send to me. i got to see my dad and just sit and talk and he even was early for dinner tonight, he beat me. then after dinner cassy came to my parents and helped me with my project. i have packed up a large black suitcase, a small purple case, a green guitar and a back pack to take back with me. it was hard to choose what to take and what to ship and what to leave...i mean these things have some value (to me) and are useful for life so i want to have them where i am living...but right now the value of the 10 boxes does not seem enough to pay to send them to they will sit in the garage waiting for the day they are able to do whatever their intended use is. so now that you have read my ramblings i say i must go to sleep because i have a 6am flight and have to be to the airport at is now 1:30am so hopefully i fall asleep fast and i can sleep while in the air tomorrow. love, melissa

Monday, October 25, 2004

in california

so i am here in ca working at compex...working is the key word...gotta get back.

some day i will go is a picture that came on my computer and i love is my desktop picture.
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Saturday, October 23, 2004

view from the store

so for any of you who have not been to cape may and seen my ceramic studio...i wanted to give a brief description of what i see out of my windows. it is different now then it was in june, july or august..but it is still beautiful. it is 12:28pm and as i look out the windows i see the sea wall (which was installed years ago to help reduce flooding when hurricanes come up the coast) on the sea wall is a boardwalk ..a horse and buggy just drove on the boardwalk are a few families walking with their coats and scarves...just beyond the boardwalk is a few feet of sea grass or wild love grass as i have seen it called on signs around cape may...and right at the edge of the sea grass is a cute little fence that seperates the sea grass from the sand. the sand is only a short length compared to most other beaches (it is eroding due to a man made canal during a war..i dont know which war..sorry) then the water...the atlantic ocean... today there are not any boats or atleast none i can see. there will probably be a whale watching tour or a dolphin boat sometime today. in the summer the ocean is full of boats...parasailing...advertising and of course the beach is covered with umbrellas..the unbrellas blocked my view so it is nice to see the water but the customers have all gone the umbrellas are something to look forward to. so i am off to paint some samples..and get some to do stuff off of my list.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

good day

yippee!! today has been a good day...2 painters and a whole shipment of ornaments...i love them they are super cute and i think they will sell fast because they are $4 each and i have a little sale of buy 1, 2 and 3 is that should be a good incentive... other then that jsut enjoying the to have dinner and spend time with the family...and see jesse my sweetheart dog..he loves case you didnt already know he pees everytime i go over to his house...i have to admit he pees when he gets excited for a few other people..but that isnt very often... he is so cute. oh yeah i helped with carvan last night...the 1 &2nd graders and watched jersey girl for the 2nd is cute but super cheesy...thats ok though...i have to say i liked it any way.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

rainy day

so today is a rainy day...i got up did compex work and even had 2 customers at art & soul...gotta love that since we arent even supposed to be open today!! so i am off to the grocery store to buy stuff to cook dinner tonight for the family...then off to church for a work night. i am working on some advertising for businesses and some give aways...i will post some pics once the pieces are painted.

Monday, October 18, 2004

hay ride... what fun!

so this weekend i closed up art & soul early on saturday and we headed up the road about 15 minutes to Uncle Tom & Aunt Sherri McNulty's house...they were having a fall party and bon fire and a hay was sooo much fun. We ate and ate and ate...aunt sherri is a wonderful cook and a great hostess...and their home is gorgeous...she had it all decorated for fall and on the back deck they had a bonfire set up and of course i sat very close to it...i love the fire it is so nice and warm. so the hayride is a neat thing that i never heard fo before...they have a tractor and attach a trailer to the back of the tractor and inside the trailer they fill it with you sit in the trailer and go all around the property...and the property is so nice...we even had to duck at one point because the trees were a little low. it was so fun with all the little kids...davids cousins have little ones...zach, sophie & emily and they are all at very cute stages and ages...sophie looked up at the moon and said, "oh look there is sophies moon.." they all also saw dragons, deer and monsters out in the woods and kept telling us to be was awesome!! then we went back to the house sat by the fire and had dessert...yum! i had brownies with marshmallow on top, pumpkin pie and pretzel rods dipped in chocolate... it was so much fun. unfortunatley it was too dark to get any pictures...but i promise it was fun.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

halloween is coming

so today when i logged onto the internet there was an article on msn about carving pumpkins...and they had info about fake pumpkins that you can buy that are made of that is getting lazy...there was one good cut out the bottom of the pumpkin if you choose to use a real pumpkin and then you can just set the pumpkin on top of the candle...anyway here is the link to the article...

have a happy day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

me today i am super sleepy..but i love my long hair....just need to find the right products to keep the frizz away.
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So Martha has been on the cover of a lot of magazines lately you know the the line at the the supermarket is called ACME it is a part of the Albertson's family but ACME is such a cool name the place where you can buy rocket skates and anyway i went to to see what it is all about and i have to say i am going to send martha a letter in jail..maybe i am wierd but i hope getting a letter will brighten her day..i know i love getting mail. so anyway i agree FREE MARTHA.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

eat so fast u choke

so have u ever eaten something so fast u almost choke or sorta do choke? well that happened to me right now..i am eating the 1/2 of my pizza from lunch that i didnt eat at lunch it is cold and it has been a very long time since lunch but i have been too busy to i love cold pizza and i now know i have to chew my food before i swallow.
love, melissa

Friday, October 08, 2004

o to be 13

wow we had a birthday party at art & soul for a girl turning really brings light to the greatness of being a 13 year old...they havent yet become nasty and they still have so much fun. the group that was here tonight was a lot of fun...very loud and non stop talkers but still fun. it reminded me of when i was 13 and that is when i made all of the great friends that i still have today...i miss you friends...but i am so glad to have the email and these lovely blogs and the phone...thank goodness for modern technology. so on my friend laura's 19th birthday celebration - happy birthday laura- i celebrated with 6 girls i don't even know but they enjoyed painting and i enjoyed their for all. it was a great day for art & soul and for me too.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

wow...lots of interesting requests

so i guess i opened a can of worms so they say. i will do my best to take the pictures requested..and as other requests come in i will try to fill those. the picture of david in a speedo in the snow is difficult because it hasnt and wont start snowing here for a while..but when it does or if we happen to get a fluke snowstorm in the fall i will try to get that shot. the other obstacle is david doesnt own a if he ever purchases one or receives one as a gift i will be sure to get the picture. but i can get one of him shirtless in the snow in our front yard. for corrie..our kitchen is clean actually we have grown up a lot since our first apartment and everything is clean we even keep up with the laundry...since we have a washer and dryer. i will get a picture of our kitchen it is very and white and small but much much bigger then the hallway of a kitchen we had in our apt in long beach. it even fits a dining table and 6 chairs right in the kitchen and has a real life size fridge..the stove is still small but thats ok because we eat over at david's parents almost everynight. we did have them over for burritos this week that was nice. the motorcycle shot for laura i can do this but i will have to buy a disposable camera because i dont want to chance losing or dropping our next time we go for a motorbike ride i will take that picture. last but not least the modern worship service...i will check to see if anyone has any pictures...but it is only in the summer when the college kids are back from school...sorry about that..but if i can't find any pictures i will try to take one next summer for you, Tim. Life is good. i love david bruce macomber jr.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

3 Photos

So i was reading a few random blogs today in between reports and i stumbled across an idea that i liked and now i am going to try it out here. as the readers of this blog i am asking what 3 pictures you would like to see...anything that i can take a picture of on the east coast that you have always wanted to see...or something simple like my house or kitchen or backyard...let me know and i will post them as soon as i can take them.

my lunch..the sad part is the coke cup is filled with water because i am trying to stop drinking the evil coca cola or cherry cola or any sort of cola product. i am going to try to have 1 a day at dinner and then even get down to none...we shall see..i know it is bad for me but it tastes sooo good. i love coca cola but enough is enough.
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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

we planted some yellow mums and some red ones with yellow centers
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what a morning!

so today i got to sleep in, you see Art & Soul is only open Wed-Sat i dont have to be down there at any specific time. i still have my compex work to do which i can do some stuff with out the internet but most of it i have to be logged on to the world wide web...which we don't have at our place yet because of the cost...since we have it at the store and david's parents have it we can save a little cash and drive the 2 min to his parents or the 6 minutes to the store....depending on the lights of course. anyway...i got up and had a message from my bank that my account had a large check going through and it was going to be over what i had in the bank....oh the joys of small town banking...i can tell u right now washington mutual would not have called me back if i messed up o n my i ran down to the bank and put the money in that would have been over...and called my landlord because that is who the big check was for to let them know it would go through i learned a good lesson....triple check your math and always write down what is going in and out of your bank acct. i have no excuses but i am so greatful to my bank and the amazing manager who made a personal call to me to make sure i knew what was going on...thank goodness!! so everything is all good and my house is cute because yesterday evening i worked in the garden..i have never pulled weeds before and i dont know if i ever want to pull them again (except there are still a lot in the back and side yards) so this is the first time we have spent time or money on our yard and it looks so nice. i will have to put up before and after pictures...or have david put them up on our hompage site. we pulled all the weeds and planted mums and then david put mulch around everything...i am very proud of our hard work and i love the way it looks. ok gotta get some work, melissa

Monday, October 04, 2004

its october!!!

so we had a great weekend...the store was busy on saturday we had a birthday party for a little girl who turned 5 that was nice...and then we were busy most of the night!! we took my sis back to the airport super early sunday morning and then we went to morey's pier and david spoke for the Bot Scouts and Girl Scouts Beach Jam - "church" service. there were about 150 people and they were there by choice so that was cool. he caught everyone off guard when he hit himself in the forehead with the microphone....then he closed in prayer...crasy man. the service was in a picnic area at the end of the schelleneger pier and the water was really was super cool. i had a great its back to the ole' grind of working...i think we might work in our garden this if we do i will take a before and after pic and put it up. enjoy your day.
love, melissa

Friday, October 01, 2004

i love new york. i really really love to go there. the east coast has a few very cool things and one of them is NY City.
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Thursday, September 30, 2004

new look for fall

so i decided i had to change my blog from pink to fall. i am so excited for fall...or autumn what ever you here's to autumn!! the leaves are all changing colors and soon the trees will be naked and i will run through the piles of leaves after david rakes them!! i can't wait.

i love new york city. we took my sister up to NY on tuesday and it was so much fun. i cant even begin to tell you how awesome the beautiful city is. when we went down in the subway which we did a lot because the rain was pouring down all day...this time we saw a subway rat and w few subway mice....ewwwwww!! that was pretty gross. but i still love NY!
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Saturday, September 25, 2004

my other fav england pic
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my favorite england pictures
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Friday, September 24, 2004

i loved the UK

ok so i have always thought i would love to travel to europe and other places far from sunny ca...and yes i did move to a far away place in the US ...cape may, NJ. but when i got off the plane in england i couldnt believe i had traveled in a plane for 6 hours and i was in another country...not mexico (which is just a short drive from my home town) so anyway i loved it..the quaint cozy villages, the rolling hills, the stone walls and the sheep and the little brooks and streams. i love the feeling of being in a new place wheter it is in the us or not...from driving cross country i have a love for adventure and travel...but i really cant believe how much i want to go back to England and just immerse myself in the culture and really try to figure out how it all works. the people seem so different from americans but still very similar...and the accents. i love the scottish accent most of all. well anyway...i hope to go back someday and travel more and work less. on the other hand i am glad to be back and i have a friend visiting from CA and as soon as she leaves ( the friend) my sister comes so needless to say with running a store and being a tour guide i have and will be busy. big sale at art & soul tonight and tomorrow buy 1 get the second item 1/2 hopefully we will get very busy...who knows if not i dont care but i will be sad to sit here with no customers when we could be in NY or Atlantic City having fun with Amanduh... well enough rambling....back to work. love, melissa

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

IN England

So we are in England..Manchester to be exact Didsbury. I love it here despite the rain. It is cold but still nice. The college is beautiful and all of the surrounding area did i mention it is so cool. So we have been wokring very hard here, tearing apart offices and moving books and all sorts of other stuff. Tonight we went to the "mall" and there was a h&m there so i bought a sweatshirt and it was cute. i have always wanted to shop at h&m but never made it there when we go up to New York. so all in all i have had an amazing time so far and i am looking forward to the rest of the week. the team is doing great and really enjoying the time here. talk to you soon. love, melissa

Friday, September 10, 2004

Watch Out England! Here we come....

So we are getting ready to leave for Manchester England. We are all packed and ready to go and now it is time to write a qucik note...hope all is well while we are away. Keep checking our iblog at we will be posting as much as possible. I am so excited about our trip...i havent slept in days so the late night flight should be great to finally catch some zzzz's or maybe i will read one of the 5 books that i bought...3 are for me and 2 are for david but i can read the ones i got for him too. I actually bough 4 books for me but i already finished one...Shopaholic Takes is very good and the best part is it is a paper back so it cost less then a hard cover. i just recently figured that whole system much cheaper it is if you just wait for the paperback edition. (i understand sometimes you cant wait) so any way i am going to miss art & soul and family and daily contact with friends but i am so exicted to go to England. I will update all about the trip and put up a picture or two on my blog. love ya. melissa

Monday, September 06, 2004

This is Me & MY DAD...I miss him a lot.
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little flying bugs

so yesterday and today i have been plagued by these little flying bugs...i have killed a lot of them with my bare hands or a towel or a piece of paper but they are still lurking about and every once in a while they come flying around and always seem to dive bomb my head. well i noticed that there was one earlier that seemed bigger then the others, and when i tried to kill it i found out it was 2 bugs and they must have been mating. HOW DISGUTING!! not only are the dive bombing my head but they are mating at the same time. i hate little flying mating bugs!!!!!!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Fall Hours

So I have been kicking around what to do for the fall for Art & Soul and I figured i would post my ideas and see if anyone has any feedback about what I should do about the hours of operation. In case you don't already know, Cape May is a "Summer" town so there are a lot more people around in the summer...but i want to see what i can do in the fall while not sitting in the studio all alone for hours. So here is plan 1: Closed Sun-Tue, 10-6pm Wed&Thur, 12-10pm Fri & 11-8pm Sat. Plan 2 Closed Sun-Tue, 11-7pm wed-Fri, 12-10pm Sat. Plan 3 Closed Sun - Wed, 10-10 Thur - Sat. So that is what i have come up with...let me know what you think.Plan 1, 2 or 3. Or if you have a different idea i am open to suggestions. (also thought my friends and family might be interested in the inner thought process of a store owner (thats me) in cape may, nj) I can't wait for the leaves to turn colors and pile up all over the yard. Yippee its almost fall.


Saturday, September 04, 2004

Saturday - The Long Weekend Has Begun

So today I opened a few minutes after 1pm (which is when my posted hours are) and we had 2 people waiting to come in...oh well. We went to visit Grandmom on our way to the store and got her lunch so its ok that we were a little late. Earlier in the summer I was 15 minutes late because I ran out of gas in the rain and had to wait for David & Cousin Jimmy to rescue me. So it looks pretty gross out today but the beach is still covered in umbrella's supposedly it is going to clear up later so i guess everyone wanted to get the best spot on the beach. Hopefully we will get busy later. Only time will tell. And if not is ok because we always have stuff we can do around the store.
Off to dip the pieces from yesterday in the beautiful blue dipping glaze.


Friday, September 03, 2004

the weekend

oh my i made the mistake of going to the Acme (grocery store) this morning, I had prepared myself for craziness..but it was worse then i could have ever imagined. (even worse the Staterbrothers on Thanksgiving) so i made it out alive and got a few things so when david gets home from cutting grass he can have something to eat. (other then cheese and a tortilla, which is what he had last night) so today is the start of a long weekend...the last one of the summer and it is supposed to be nice. Hopefully we will be busy at Art & Soul any way. i will keep you updated. talk to you later.
love, Melissa

Monday, August 30, 2004

wierd day

today was wierd it rained a little then it got windy then super sunny then windy then rained again then it just became very humid. so we kept the door closed to keep in the ac inside. it was nice we had a few customers and really got to enjoy them. a lady from tennesse painted and she has a farm with over 70 animals...i thought that was pretty cool. she rescued all of them from being killed or badly treated. anyway i thought that was soooo cool.

see ya later.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

2-7pm i love sundays

so today is sunday and it is a short day for art & soul we started off with 11 painters as soon as i that is good and bad all at the same time. it means i have to keep everyone happy and get them all started but one they have their paint it is easy. so we had lots of nice pieces painted today. and i loaded the kiln today so we will get to see a bunch of nice pieces tomorrow. it is really hot out so we closed the front door to keep the air conditioning is so nice and cool. cape may is packed and nextweekend it is going to be even busier. i am praying for rain or just yucky weather for next weekend...i know im bad but hey its the last big weekend and i would like to be super busy.

see ya later this week,

Saturday, August 28, 2004

august 27th - 8pm

in they walk a family of 5. yes 5. a mom, a dad, the oldest is a boy the middle is a girl and the youngest is a girl. so they are selecting their pieces and the mom questions the dad..."what are you going to paint?" the dad reply's " i am going to help." you would think his youngest must be about 3 if she needs help, well nope she is 8. and now she has selected a $20 mermaid to paint to which both parents say no, because it is too expensive. so the older siblings pick $15 pieces and the 8 year old girl picks an $8 unicorn. the mom picks out a mug and so does the son. and they begin choosing colors...i get them thier paints and the children begin more then 2 minutes goes by then the mom decided she is going to help the oldest son who is atleast 12 and puts her mug back and the dad takes the unicorn out of the youngests hands, by force and proceeds to paint the entire thing (he did ask where she wanted what color) it was very sad to see the little girl continually looking my way all she wanted to do was paint. so in the end the middle child is the only one who painted her own piece and the other two have ABSOLUTELY NO SELF ESTEEM! it was so sad to hear the son say im just not very good at art, it will prob turn out ok. (the saddest part was he didnt even really paint any of it anyway) so needless to say i am not a parent yet, but if i become one someday i will let my kids do their own art.

Friday, August 27, 2004

we had diva night last week. here is a pic of the smallest diva who came for a special night out and her painting.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

extra good day

so art & soul had an extra good day. good for me :)

it was pretty yucky out but no people didnt want to be on the beach which meant great business. we had a bunch of crazy customers....the best was a family that had little kiddies - they always do - they came in at 7:25pm and we close at 8pm now in the beginning of the summer i would have told them we dont mind staying open later you can stay...but today i said oh yeah you dont want to be rushed, so you should come back tomorrow. i am pretty sleepy so its nice that i am getting out of here at 8pm on the dot. see you tomorrow.


Monday, August 23, 2004

me & my sister
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Me & My Sister
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Sunday, August 22, 2004

sunday sunday sunday

so i slept through church today... i needed to rest i feel much better now that i got some extra zzz's. but i cant wait for church tonight, david is leading the music and it should be lots of fun. then after we are having some friends over to our new place. most of our friends go back to college next weekend, so it will be lonely around here with out them. i will miss them and i know david is going to miss them so much. (they are his bandmates...for shirtless dave and the goodlookin's. i guess they have to postpone the tour til' next summer) so today in cape may it is nice, and there is no humidity which is awesome. there are not very many people around and we have had 3 painters all day, but i am catching up on work that i have to do so i guess it is ok. no more umbrellas on the beach since everyone is eating dinner....speaking of dinner dave and mary are bringing me spaghetti and meatballs yum yum yum i am so excited. talk to you soon.


Saturday, August 21, 2004

so i had a great day today

actually art & soul had a great day so indirectly that means i had a great day. we started our day with a birthday party and then were steady for most of the day. so that is great. today i noticed shirt slogans, people wear funny things. the first was a mom of a 7 year old at the birthday party, her shirt said "who do ya luv" and then on the back it said "billabong". there were a few others through out the day that were fairly random. then i looked at myself in the mirror and my shirt says "international missions moped squad" i wonder what people think of my shirt. i cant wait to wear it in england and then for sure i will be looked at with questioning glances...people will wonder where i got such a cool shirt. (or maybe they will wonder why i am wearing 3 mopeds on my chest) so it is 9:38pm and i am super sleepy waiting for 10pm to roll around so we can close up shop and head home to catch some zzzzz's.

good night.


Friday, August 20, 2004

black socks and sandals

whoever said it is ok to wear this combination?? it is hideous. today was the day for bad combinations - ie. black socks and sandals - with shorts. and mullets. (sorry i am not sure of the spelling) but mullets have been all around cape may today. people with mullets are for sure have to be if you plan for a party you know business in the front party in the back. so today i salute the people in the world who are just one step behind. good luck catching up to the rest of the world.


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

welcome back to cape may

i am back. sorry for the lack of updates today was crazy, it was so nice then dark clouds and crash thunder and lighting. it was pretty cool.

welcome to a nice summer storm. they are the best.

see ya tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

gone for a few days

i will be gone for a few days... heading to CA for Melissa Natoli's Wedding. See ya Tuesday.

Monday, August 09, 2004

parasailing & advertising

so this being a beach community and people sit on the beach all day long ... of course there are aerial advertisements that go by behind little planes. well today i noticed there are little banners behind the boats that do parasailing. now this is odd to me because i looked into parasailing, thinking it would be fun and not too expensive. well it does look fun but not fun enough for $80 per person if you have 2 people and $100 for one person. and then to see the parasailing company has advertisements on the line that they send people up on seems like a very smart thing for them...they make money by sending some idiot or 2 idiots up to parasail for $120 or $80 each and they make money by selling the advertising space. bravo to them!! also in case you didnt know i love billboards and i am deprived of them in cape may ( victorian times must not have had billboards) so i love the planes and now i love the parasail boats that fly by or speed by with a short but sweet ad trying to get me to go somewhere and spend my money. well i think they are target advertising to tourists..but hey i can see them fly by so they got me too.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

what a way to start the week

so here is how crazy i have been lately...i am ok though for anyone who is extra concerned.
Read about my mishap at

Talk to you tomorrow.


Sunday, August 01, 2004


typically saturday is very slow at art & soul...last night was very busy. so i am very happy..but i was too tired to update last night...and we have been busy so far here is what Cape May brought to my attention yesterday...people are nuts. Oh yea you know the type, the wife is ready to spend spend spend but the husband is cheap. so the wife brings all the kids in and they all want to paint sooo bad and the dad says NO...because he is cheapo and we dont have anything under $ have got to be kidding me. Ok so i know it is hard to please everyone but we have over 30 pieces for $8...and i think $8 is fair. Maybe I am crazy but I felt so bad for the kids who all left crying. And today...we had a family come in from northern nj and there were 5 kids and the mom...well the mom said to the youngest look with you eyes not with your hands...and then she said it again and again and again. and then she said if i have to tell you again your not painting anything today. well...he did it again and he wasnt allowed to paint anything...all I can say is WAY TO GO for that mom. (he cried for about 2 minutes then he sat and watched everyone else paint) i have to say I was impressed.

Friday, July 30, 2004


today i saw a huge motorhome pulling into a parallel parking spot....actually it was 3 spots. whoever was driving was so lucky to find 3 open spots on the main street...i was pretty impressed with their parallel parking ability. i wonder if they paid all 3 meters??

Thursday, July 29, 2004

day after rain

so today was nice after 3 days of i looked out at the beach and counted umbrella's in a block wind stretch of very narrow beach i counted 48 umbrella's...lots and lots of people are at the beach getting burned by the glorious sun. good for them.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Sunshine or Rain

So today has been one of those days where you cant tell if the sun is gonna come out or its going to pour rain. so people have been carrying umbrella's while they walk around in their bikini's. this is very odd to me. but more then that today i have been watching the horse and buggies and they are so cool and so much a part of cape may. they have 2 shifts...a morning and an evening...they change the horses in the afternoon so they are closed from 3-5pm which is great because i couldnt imagine if they worked the horses all day and all night...they must have horse labor laws...atleast i hope they do.

Monday, July 26, 2004


Pizza eating is a big part of Cape May..actually i think it is big all over the east is a big competition type feeling when you say that some place has THE BEST pizza and someone else thinks thier place has THE BEST... anyway. Louie's Pizza is right next door to Art & Soul so i see alot of pizza being consumed. Today was the best...I was busy all day and around 7:30pm there was a break for me to get i headed next door to Louie's and they had just taken a pepperoni pie out of the oven it was hot and delicious looking...(i usually get cheese-white pizza-it has ricotta and a garlic sauce instead of traditional red sauce) but not tonight...i got the biggest slice of pepperoni and it was soooooooo good. i picked the one with the biggest crust because i love crust. YUMMMMY!! I love pizza. (most people eat pizza either before or after painting which is cool)

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Rainy Day

So yesterday and today have been rainy..which means lots and lots of painters...which is good. So i didnt really have time to leave the counter or notice anything beyond the door or window of Art & Soul. So a neat little thing happened inside Art & Soul... a return painter brought the hotel she works at news letter and she had put in a piece about Art & Soul...just a little blurb but it goes to everyone who stays in the a piece of free advertising. Thanks to cool, melissa

Friday, July 23, 2004


so it was extremely humid far the summer has been mild in the humidity department but today was bad. so i made an executive decision to close the doors and let the central air cool just my store instead of the enitre city...(normally i leave the doors open so people know we are open) Needless to say having a nice cool place to work and have fun (for customers) was a great bonus my executive decision was a good one. on to today in cape may...whale watcher...silver bullett and other boats charge people a fee to go out into the atlantic and find Whales ... but usually they just find dolphins. Since the water is warmer here then in the pacific there are tons of dolphins (of course i know there are dolphins in the pacific also) so these boats were out today and i kept seeing them very close to the shore...which is great for the people who paid to go on the boat but even better for those who are sitting on the beach and have a great view of the dolphins for is it better to pay or to wait on the beach?? That I am not sure of, because there is always the chance of no dolphins either way and paying to go on a boat ride doesn't sound like a good idea to me. But then again the chance to see dolphins might be just alluring enough to get me to pay for the boat ride. I think i will just steal David's surfboard and go and sit on it in the surf because they come that close..actually i would have to have time to sit on the beach, so instead i will enjoy BOAT Watching and People Watching...both are free so far.


so being from california and a beach community it is normal for me to see sea shells for sale in stores at the sea shore. and today two cute little girls come into art and soul with big purple bags (plastic kind like what you get when you make a purchase at a gift shop) and i could see little lumps in the bottoms of the bags and both girls had HUGE smiles. ofcourse being a friendly store owner i asked ooohhh what do you girls have in your bags??? and both of their eyes lit up and they walked toward me and opened up the bags to reveal the newly purchased bright pink and purple seashells...unlike in california there are still shells on the beaches here...ofcourse not pink and purple the girls were so glad to share their new treasures with me....after they were all done painting the first thing on thier minds was those shells...the both asked their moms...where is my bag of shells.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Very Cape May

This is something i think is odd...but it happens everyday. Girls walk all around town in their bikini's. Now this being a beach town it shouldn't be that odd, but where I come from in Sunny Ca the girls atleast grab a pair of shorts or a wrap before leaving the beach. Maybe the humidity makes the rich people think of some islands they vacation at or something. This is even very common for people with out "the perfect body" and it isnt pretty. so that is another wierd but true fact about Cape May.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

cute baby

so any place you are there are cute kids...or babies. in cape may there are lots of babies from all over the world...being a tourist destination. so tonight a cute little baby is brought in by his mom and we become friends...he is 8 months old and must think i am very funny looking because  he laughs and laughs at me while he is in the store. then the family is enjoying pizza out front from Louie's and he begins to cry so his dad brings him in. come to find out he is japanese and polish...very interesting. the family is on vacation from north jersey but the parents met in Japan while the husband was on vaca there...crazy story. here's to another cute kid.

Monday, July 19, 2004

july 19th

yesterday the sight from the window of art & soul
~~~~picture this~~~~
deeedooo deedooo (that's a siren) and whizz goes 5 cop cars (this is not a normal sight for cape may) then running down beach dr. are 15-20 men in speedos. (ewwwww) this is all for a lifeguard competition it was a sight to behold..or not behold...there were lots of people cheering them on. i have no idea who won but it was wierd.

Sunday, July 18, 2004


so a little birdie must have been really hungry...because he was sitting on the front window ledge outside pecking at the glass. you see there was a fly in the display box and he really wanted to catch if for dinner...lucky for the fly he was inside. (not so lucky for the hungry bird)

Saturday, July 17, 2004

me and david Posted by Hello

Summer at the Shore

Have you ever watched as someone put up an umbrella in the sand? Well in Cape May there is a BEACH SERVICE that you can rent beach chairs, umbrella's and surfboards from called Steger's. Today I looked out and noticed the Steger's guy putting up an umbrella in a very odd fashion. Instead of digging a hole and then filling in the sand around the umbrella, he took the pole and plunged it into the sand and waved the umbrella back and forth in the sand vigourously until it was deep enough to stand on its own. Seemed very odd to me to look up and see a blue umbrella waving to me. But it worked...the umbrella was up all day. Now it is down and as I see the beach clearing out I can only hope for more customers.

its been soo long

So i don't even know if anyone looks at this blog...but i have made a decision from looking at some web sites today that i am going to write one thing per day about what i see from my store window. if i happen to not be at the store for one day then it will get missed. otherwise check out my blog to see what interesting thing i choose to write on from safe inside the walls of Art & Soul. Cape May is a crazy place and i am excited to share this with the world.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Hottest Day Yet

So today I am sitting in my BEACH FRONT Ceramic Studio. (which happens to be empty) I am working hard on other work but just wanted to get the idea out of my head of closing early and going for a walk on the beach. (that wouldn't be wise as a new business but it would be fun) Any way hope some customers come in...i have had some people picking up their masterpieces...other then that just a whole lotta HOT. -Melissa

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

blog spot

So i was just going to post a comment on laura's blogspot or Bensonator and i ended up creating my own. i dont know how often i will update this, because i am usually a big slacker with - usually i leave it for david to do because i am to sleepy when he is updating it. so any way .. here's to another blog.
love, melissa