Tuesday, November 09, 2004

news!! or maybe not news!!

so today i have been up since about 7:45am that is early for me...not big news but still i cant believe how much i have already accomplished!! all of my compex work for today is done...and since art & soul is closed i am going to go home and clean and then maybe go and visit laura, emily and eva...we shall see. so the news...well i like to look at MSNBC The Week In Pictures but sometimes i forget to look on friday when it comes out so today i went searching for the week in pictures from last week and i found it...but the best part is i noticed a link so i could get a reminder email from msnbc to go and look at the week in pictures!! i think that is so cool! so maybe it isnt news at all...but here is a link to the week in pictures from last week...enjoy...just a warning sometimes the pictures are very graphic and sometimes they are hard to look at...dont want anyone to get mad at me...but they are real life and to me the ability to look into the lives of others, including our president is very interesting and i enjoy it. -melissa

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thebensonator said...

wow, the ostrich race was the best!!