Saturday, November 06, 2004

what a weekend

so i had a crazy weekend so far at art & soul..we had a birthday party friday and a birthday party saturday and both parties were 16+ kids and some was so great!! today the party was for davids cousin shannon who is adorable and turning 13...the kids all seemed to have a good time. and the best part is since she is family we got to eat all the good food too...and Mary made the cupcakes...delicious!! and tomorrow all the family is getting together for lunch to celebrate shannon & melissa joys birthdays...and that means more cake!! it is 8:48pm and the last customers just left so we are cleaning up and getting ready to go...oh yea i made 2 baskets for uncle john to give to his clients and they were super cool!! everyone loved them...and one lady said she wants to order some for her husband to give to his clients..yipppeeee!! i will post some pics of them later (the baskets...even though there is no basket love, melissa


Cas Inc. said...

hey, go look at my new photo blog, its here on blogger.

Anonymous said...

I am gonna start calling you Rowena!!!!!
I love you

melissamae said...

my sister is a dork

Cas Inc. said...

no i mean my blog on blogspot, a photoblog i started yesterday.