Friday, March 31, 2006

getting ready at art & soul

i am painting inside Art & Soul right now a darker blue and it is a pretty funny sight! i have no idea how to paint walls so i am doing my best...but i thought you might enjoy a laugh. it is probably like watching a bloopers show. i hit my butt against the freshly painted wall so my pants have a big blue streak on them, i got blue paint on the red part and then climbed onto a chair to wipe it off and almost fell...the chair was a bit wobbly. then i decided to answer the phone at the same time as painting and my phone just turned off so i was talking to myself for about 5 minutes. well i have 1 small wall and about 1/2 of one long wall finished. i am going to finish the long wall but i needed a break, my wrist i am a big baby.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

birthday finale - NY

yesterday i finished celebrating my week long birthday extravaganza. see it started the tuesday before my birthday with fondue and friends and ended with a trip to NY!!! so while i was in CA i got a call from molly at David Letterman that they had tickets for 3/28...david called molly back and had to answer a trivia question - who is rupert g? of course he knew and we got tickets!! so we spent the day in NY walking around and i got to have cold stone twice, first i had my favorite peanut butter cup perfection and then much later in the day i had oreominster....both were so good. so then we went to see the david letterman show being taped and the guests were ray romano and willie nelson. then we went to ellens star diner "home of singing wait staff" it was a lot of fun!! and the food was good too. oh yea and thanks mom for taking brit and i to ca adventure and storytellers for my birthday..i had such a great birthday week!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

uploading pictures

so i have been working on getting all my pictures from my computer to so i can get them off my computer. i got my camera last year for my birthday and i have so many pictures it is slowing down my computer. not to mention my music slows it down too. it has taken sooo long!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006


holy guacamole...i am 26 now!! happy birthday to me....brit and i are flyinh back to NJ today and yesterday we went to ca adventure and i got a button with mickey that says happy birthday, so naturally i am wearing it today on the plane :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

fondue anyone??

so fondue tonight with friends and family was very d-lish! i really felt sick after we had sooo much chocolate and yummy stuff dipped into the chocolate. thanks friends for coming out and spending a lot of money for dessert...i had a great time!! happy early early birthday to me.

Friday, March 17, 2006

busy busy

so todaymy husband and father in law worked hard down at art & soul while i went shopping with brittany. (we are going to ca for a week - me & brittany - so we got a few lasst minute things taken care of) so what didi the boys do?? well it is pretty amazing what they can get accomplished in one day. they built a drawer for all 60 bottles of paint and installed it. they moved the bar seating down from a high bar to a table level bar. they moved 2 shelves and set up plates in the window. i was amazed!!! i am so excited for this coming summer season. i ask my friends and family to pray for david and i as we make decisions for both of our businesses and as the summer gets closer that we would be in God's will. thanks!! so i gotta go pack for ca i already got my boarding pass and i am in boarding group A for south fun!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

my husband likes to take pictures

so here is one i really i allowed to like a picture of myself?? well its artistic and cool.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


so i have a dell computer and it is ok...but i have loaded too much stuff onto it and it has begun to run slow!! so today after i finish my work projects i am going to upload pictures to snapfish and then burn them to a dvd...atleast i think i can burn dvds...i hope so or else i am going to be all day burning cds. oh and i am on hold with dell right now because big dave's printer is not working and i cant fix the error it is giving me. all it says is right printer cartridge incorrect...hmmm since he has to order the cartridge direct from dell why in the world would it be incorrect?? ok back to work.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

home safe

so we made it back to cape may last night around 2 am. today is davids mom's birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! WE LOVE YOU!!