Friday, July 29, 2005


why is it in life that parents have the need to be mean to kids? it really makes me crazy when parents take the piece or the brush from the kid while they are painting. or when they sit there and pick apart the kids entire design. "you dont want a purple dolphin do you??" i always want to say maybe they do want a purple dolphin and if you want to paint something you should get your own dolphin. ok now that i got that off my chest...phew! on a side note i had a really cool lady come in from the phillippines today she has been in the US for 20 years but she had been to the places i had been to and we got to talk about it. fun reminiscing!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

birthday party

tongiht was Paige's 5th birthday and she celebrated it at Art & Soul. so that means 20 4 & 5 year olds painting pottery! it was so much fun all the kids were so good and 4 of them are developmentally disabled and they probably had the most fun of everyone! birthday parties are fun and hard and when one with 4 & 5 year olds goes smoothly i am very very very thankful! oh and no broken pieces!! i think she had a great birthday.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

lazy day

so i am not sure if it is the heat or the humidity or maybe it is the combo but i have been in a sleepy state all day. if at all possible i would have stayed in bed all day! but instead i got up and we went to the library and got some new books and then we opened up art & soul! i am always grateful for days when david and i get to both work at art & soul! today even though i felt sleepy was a good day. and tonight we are going for a motorbike ride! hip hip hooray!! and for dinner in wildwood.

Monday, July 25, 2005


so we watched season 1 of alias while in ca and i rented season 2 from netflix and it comes on 4 dvd's so we have watched the 1st 2 dvd's and are now waiting for the next one to come. it is really addicting!! even if i sit under a blanket and have to close my eyes every once in awhile. i love it!

Friday, July 22, 2005

slow in cape may

it has been an interesting week. cape may is slow tonight and it was slow today. so i am getting ready to go at 7pm and i am excited about the chance to go out to dinner with uncle john & aunt dee and shannon and then go swimming :) i have been wanting to swim for a week or so. i am not happy about being slow but i know the people are packing up and leaving and other people are packing up and heading south or east or which ever way they are coming from.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

still sore

2 times on a slip n slide...and i am still sore 4 days later. on other business i am also so hot and i just want to go swimming in a cool pool or any nice body of water possibly the ocean. i forgot that i have a big group coming tonight so i wont be swimming tonight...but i will swim some time soon. sore sore i feel like an old aching neck & back! also i have started putting up pictures on a different blog feel free to check it out if you are bored. nothing extravagant just what ever i feel like putting up.interesting maybe i should have called it some may find this interesting and some may not..but enjoy anyway!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


so i drove up to bellmawr nj again to pick up a ceramic order and i realized that driving makes me sleepy. i think it is sorta the way a cat must feel when they find a good sunny spot and curl up and sleep. when in the car with the sun beating down on me it makes me sleepy. and on the atlantic city express way there are long stretches of nothing but they have signs that say stay alert and stay awake. so i guess it is a friendly reminder to not dose off and have a cat nap. i stopped and got taco bell a nice treat since we dont have a taco bell in cape may and i was very grateful for the wild cherry pepsi. back safe and sound and i didnt take any cat naps...promise.

Monday, July 18, 2005


so i have a reading problem...i read 4th of july by james patterson in 1 day. well actually i started reading it at 4pm and read for about an hour and then after the store closed at 7pm i went home and read from about 9pm-2am. it was a really good book...but i chose to read instead of watching a movie because i would go to sleep earlier if i read then if i watched the movie. well the movie would have been a lot shorter..but the book was really good.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

art & soul

some pieces from art&soul the footprints are from a 5 day old baby boy.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

the turtle

i didnt save the turtle because i was going too fast and the next off ramp was about 20 miles down the road. and i would love to have a turtle as a pet but it is against the are supposed to move them to the side of the road if possible. which then i think they probably turn around and risk their lives again.

grandmom's birthday

today we picked david's grandmom up and took her out to breakfast and then Mary & I took her to get her nails done...and I got a pedicure. i decided today that this is a guilty pleasure that I have done with out for too long. Since pedicures cost a lot more here then in CA i havent had one since i moved here...atleast not one while I have been here. I did sneak a few in while I was in CA on various occasions. So despite the $35 price tag (not including a $5 tip) I think I will be getting a few more pedicures this summer. My toes look so great and it was so nice and relaxing..those spa chairs are such a great invention..i wonder how much money the inventor made off of them.

Monday, July 11, 2005


is it ok to drive 80 if everyone else is? What do you do when you see a turtle heading for the road when on a major road almost like a freeway? why do i always miss when i throw my toll money? what would i do with out map quest? these are the questions i pondered today...i drove up the road to pick up some pottery and boy was everyone going so fast! atleast i made good time and i arrived safely back only 30 minutes later then i was supposed to open as opposed to the hour i thought i would be.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


so a nice sunny day has come to cape may..and i went to the beach by myself, it was very nice! i love to watch people especially little kids. there was this little girl walking down toward the water with her mom and grandmom. and i was pretty far from the water since really all i wanted to do was catch some rays and she stopped right at the edge of my towel and dropped her bucket and sat right down to commence digging. her grandmom called out to her from about 20 feet away come on sweetie we are going down here...i thought it was so cute how she just wanted to dig! then a little later i saw a couple of rescues since there is a hurricane down south i guess it causes bad undertow and when the lifeguards went out for a rescue they sounded thier whistle four times and then a bunch of lifeguards ran down the beach and instead of swimming out to the swimmers the created a chain and passed them along back to safety. i thought that was so cool. i havent ever seen a rescue done that way before. it reminded me of the time my brother and i had to get rescued when we were little we went on vaca to newport beach and we both got swept out really far, thankfully we were both capable swimmers and we knew to swim sideways instead of trying to get back in. i think the worst part was the humiliation of some older cute guy having to come to my rescue. he did tell us we were doing the right thing but they just wanted to make sure we got back in...i guess we probably looked like two very scrawny kids trying our hardest to get back to the beach.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

no rain but still busy

so thanks for the votes of confidence!! i was busy today even with out rain! it is fun having my own store...this week has been the week of return customers and it is very exciting. i will post some pictures tomorrow of one of my customers work. it is super cool...atleast i think it is!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

hope for rain

so i understand that when on vacation most people want to go to the beach and not paint in a little pottery store looking at the beach...that is unless it rains. the thing that urks me is that every adult that brings in small children and says, "this would be great if it rains tomorrow...we will come and paint." now this isnt a big deal to the parents but each kid has utter disappointment on their faces...and so do i. maybe i should make a sign that says rainy days our prices are doubled...or maybe a little sign that says we are open on sunny days too. well i guess the best thing to do is hope for RAIN!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

4th of July

So my family is back in CA and it is fourth of july and i am at my studio helping lovely customers make decisions about what color to paint while we all wait for the fireworks at 9pm. Which means they will really happen between 9 and 10. so happy fourth of july...hip hip hooray for fireworks...i took some pictures of the fireworks last night from my spot on the beach in north cape may..where we live.
today as i was thinking about my blog i realized i started it to talk about cape may and what i see in my view of the boardwalk and all the people. so one thing i noticed about cape may is the catholic church that sells raffle tickets for a mercedes must make a fortune. i sat on a bench eating ice cream today and saw 4 groups of people buy tickets...i hope they use the money for something good.

north cape may fireworks