Thursday, July 14, 2005

grandmom's birthday

today we picked david's grandmom up and took her out to breakfast and then Mary & I took her to get her nails done...and I got a pedicure. i decided today that this is a guilty pleasure that I have done with out for too long. Since pedicures cost a lot more here then in CA i havent had one since i moved here...atleast not one while I have been here. I did sneak a few in while I was in CA on various occasions. So despite the $35 price tag (not including a $5 tip) I think I will be getting a few more pedicures this summer. My toes look so great and it was so nice and relaxing..those spa chairs are such a great invention..i wonder how much money the inventor made off of them.


Corrie said...

Pedicures are fun! I haven't had one in forever either and Laura still owes me one for my B-day.

briangabriela said...

Very nice you spent a nice time with your hubby's grandma going to lunch and so nice of you to have taken her to get a pedicure.

Grandparents love those nice attentions.

Have a nice weekend.

Gabriela. :)