Monday, July 18, 2005


so i have a reading problem...i read 4th of july by james patterson in 1 day. well actually i started reading it at 4pm and read for about an hour and then after the store closed at 7pm i went home and read from about 9pm-2am. it was a really good book...but i chose to read instead of watching a movie because i would go to sleep earlier if i read then if i watched the movie. well the movie would have been a lot shorter..but the book was really good.


Corrie said...

haha, I wish I could get into a book like that! I start a really good book & end up not finishing it.

Stephanie said...

I love reading!

I really like to read while Nick is playing guitar...I'm not sure why, but there is just something relaxing about it. :)

Annasarah Ferguson said...

That always happens to me. It happened last night. Brian was watching the news and I thought if I went to bed, sicne I was tired, and read, I would go to sleep sooner. More like only five minute before he got in at 12 midnight!