Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And the winner is...

Salty Mommy - - The reason i decided on Salty Mommy is I like the play on words. Salty can be the opposite of sweet, it can be used to identify salt water, it can be used to describe a christian. On the definition of salty is 1.tasting of or containing salt; saline. 2. piquant; sharp; witty. 3. racy or coarse: salty humor. 4. of the sea, sailing, or life at sea. I used visual thesaurus and it came up with the graphic I posted. I like that I was able to learn a new word while researching my new blog name. Piquant - engagingly stimulating or provocative. It is my hope that when you read my blog entries that they are piquant!

I went back and forth on Mommy and Mama The reason I ended up selecting Mommy was two fold, Salty Mama is already taken so that meant I would not be able to have Mama spelled this way it would have to be Momma. The second reason is my close friend Stephanie explained Mommy is younger then Mama. As I thought about it more and did some other research there are a few things associated with Mama that I did not want to be associated with. Big Mama, Yo Mama and Baby Mama. The idea that I am a Mommy is still new to me although our son has been a part of our lives since Feb 2009, it was Jan 2011 that he became our forever son and he calls me Mommy. So friends I am going to begin working on a better blog and with my graphic designer husbands help and I hope to become a better blogger. Thank you for joining me as I write about our lives full of adventures big and small.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tractors, boats, dinos and jesus

We had a palm sunday lesson about hosanna and Jesus riding in on the donkey on sunday it was my first time as little man's teacher and not just the helper. He was not happy to share his mommy with the rest of the class and became very clingy. We managed to decorate the donkey, make coats to lay down before the donkey and read the story before he had a melt down. Thankfully our extended family is very involved in church and Cousin Laura helped me with little man and Aunt Tita came and took him home early for a nap. I brought home all of the craft supplies and Jesus was part of them, little man wanted to play with him so we now have a paper Jesus hanging out with dinosaurs. It is pretty exciting to see Little Man use his imagination and play with his toys and with Jesus. So that imagination that he has is very fun and we had a little egg hunt and he decided under the deck there was a dino. He made sure everyone knew about it and was so excited hollering for who ever he could get to come over and see the dino under the deck. The best part was when he looked at Mimi and said "I'm scared." and did a little shiver.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Nice Weather

We live in a "shore" community where 58% of the homes are empty during the winter months or off season. I am looking foward to the nice weather and even the humid hot and miserable weather because of all the fun things we will be able to do when that weather arrives. We had a really nice day on monday and Little Man and I went to the zoo. We have a free or donation zoo and it is awesome. This was our first outting sans stroller, Little man is 2 now and he is full of energy and pretty much runs everywhere so I asked him if he wanted the stroller and he said "No Mommy" I figured we could try it. He lasted almost the entire time but we had a sit out by the tiger. He just sat down in the middle of the walk way and was done walking. I was so amused at him and let him take a break. Many people commented on how cute he was and how tired he must be. One older gentleman said "wish I could do that." It is funny when you just let your child think for themself and see what they do. I wouldn't choose to sit in the middle of the walk way but he was wiped out and so that was it he sat down. So back to that nice weather I have started a list of things I want to make sure we get out of the house and try to enjoy the "shore" aspect of our community. The whole county really has a lot to offer of course we have beaches, bays, boardwalks. There are some other things too... nature trails, airport museum, lots of delicious food choices, parks and play grounds and we are going to try to do some activites like the farmers market. Is my two year old ready for mini golf? I am not sure what else we are going to do but if you have any ideas let me know. I am enjoying everyday even the rainy ones but I am super excited to spend our spring and summer at our "shore"!!