Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2nd dish

so tonight i made another dish from my new cookbook...page 186 turkey meatloaf and broccoli with cheddar cheese sauce. so the whole 30 minute meal thing is lost on me...i made the meatloaf last night because it is impossible to cut a bunch of "hidden" veggies for the meatloaf with an 11 month old trying to crawl up my legs. so i cut up all the "hidden" veggies and put them in the turkey loaf - zucchini, red bell pepper, scallions. the other secret ingredient replaces bread crumbs - smoked almonds! i think these made this meatloaf so delicious!! the cheese sauce was very scary to be because i tried this one other time and ended up having to throw the pan away. so as i was mixing all of the ingredients i think i may have held my breath. the cheese sauce i made with no fat cheese and it still tasted sooo good! i also made some mashed potatoes and we put the cheese sauce on those too!! all in all i am pretty excited that i liked the meatloaf because it was very tricky hiding all of the veggies in the mix and the almonds! i cant wait for my meatloaf sandwich for lunch tomorrow!! i wish the 30 minute desserts actually sounded tasty and weren't so hard because i could have really used something sweet after dinner. Tomorrow i am just making an old trusty not sure what yet probably pasta...david will probably be disappointed.

Monday, December 28, 2009

first new dish

so for christmas a very exciting gift is my new cook book...get real 30 minute meals rachael ray
tonight i made my first 30 minute meal - - turkey club salad with avocado dressing (i substituted chicken for the turkey) the first thing i have to say is it took me an hour I do have a 10 month old to chase after but i think i might just be really slow at cutting veggies. (slow is good so i have all my fingers still) the best part about this meal is the dressing it is very simple 2 ripe avocados, zest of 1 lemon, 1 garlic clove, 2 tbl red wine vinegar and 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil. I always add sourcream to make avocados go further but this is a much healthier and better way to do this. I think it could have used 1 tbl red wine vinegar because that was a little strong. the worst part about this meal was the bacon - - it was turkey bacon and it would not crisp. i realized i bought a different type then what was recommended so next time i will buy ready crisp bacon! i am so excited for the next recipe to try and maybe someday i will actually make a meal in 30 min...probably not. the salad was very filling and very tasty!! the dressing would work great for a taco salad or any mexican meal. enjoy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

leavin' on a jet plane

why does it seem like everytime i am going on a trip the night before is chaos? i try not to procrastinate i even set out everything i wanted to pack last night but some how i ended up awake at 3am "finishing" packing. tomorrow is a first for us and for our baby...first plane ride with an infant for us and of course his first plane ride ever! He is teething so our adventure might be a bit rocky, hopefully he sleeps a lot. He is a very cute baby so whoever sits next to us will probably fall in love with him and not hate us!! We can only hope. So as I was packing i put 3 books in my checked luggage and one in my carry on. David quickly brought me back to reality and said "you really think you are going to read 4 books?" i haven't read much since november when Bobby came to stay with us and i had high hopes of catching up on some reading. but i am glad i have a husband who calmly explains that i shouldnt add any weight to my bag. so i brought 2 books and hope to read at least 1. we will be in california for 2 weeks and i am looking forward to seeing my family. i miss them sooo much.

Monday, July 06, 2009


i am so amazed at our 2 year old he has so many words now and he is so smart! when you ask him who is the cutest or smartest he now says "me"! i love it!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

first father's day

today is the first time i am celebrating that my husband is a father. when i woke up to the baby crying i went right in as fast as i could so david could sleep. then i looked over and he was already gone for church. i came out to the kitchen changed the baby and made him a bottle. i sat down to davids computer and he had a word document open with a story he wrote last night. i went to bed before him because he went out for a jog and i tried to stay awake until he got back but gave in to sleep. he didnt make it to bed until after 4am, i dont question when he stays up late he is by nature a night owl and he will get to nap today. any way back to the word document it is titled "first fathers day" and as i read it tears welled up in my eyes. by the end i was full out sobbing!! i am amazed by my husband everyday he is the best dad! being a parent is the hardest but most rewarding job in the world. i love my husband more everyday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

too long

so now that i am addicted to facebook i dont blog as much. i guess i just figured no one is reading so why write. but i realized i like to write even if it is just little notes here and there. i am enjoying being a foster mom - - "fissa" is what we have bobby call me and he used to just not call me anything but he recently started calling me "mama" he knows i am not his mama as he points at her picture on our fridge and says mama and dada. so i am not sure why he calls me mama maybe because fissa is too hard for him to say? I always say not mama - fissa and he giggles. I love this little boy so much!! he started weekend visits with his family 2 weeks ago and the first week was really hard but last weekend when he came home he was pretty good, other then crying for mama and dada and now poppop at bed time. his family is probably going to reunify in june once school gets out. we are going to miss him so much but we are happy for his family. being a foster parent is hard but worth every minute!!

Monday, March 09, 2009


Just a few funny things...

- To hold his cell phone up to his ear, bobby puts his arm straight out and uses his shoulder.
- When the baby cries bobby puts his hand up and says “take it easy”
- Bobby loves to hide, he also loves to be scared.
- I have fallen asleep sitting straight up and I have fallen asleep typing on my laptop…lack of sleep just catches up with you. (my dad can sleep standing up)
- I never thought i would be happy to sleep 3 hours in a row :)

i am really enjoying our boys...i thank God for all 3 of my boys every day!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


so life has changed a lot for me...we have two foster children now and the newest addition is 2 weeks old. life is now all about him...keeping track of eating and pooping :) waking in the night to feed and change..and our other guy is doing great with the transition...he is still the star of the show and he knows it. he is good with the baby being gentle and he loves to give him kisses. life is good...God is good and i am so thankful for having both of these boys in my life. we dont know how long we will have them, so right now we are just loving on them the best we can! with lots of hugs and kisses!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Melissa Mae

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

love dare

david and i got the book love dare for christmas. i just started it yesterday i will let you know what i think after the 40days. so far i am looking forward to reading and then acting on what the book gives as a love dare for the love of my life!