Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2nd dish

so tonight i made another dish from my new cookbook...page 186 turkey meatloaf and broccoli with cheddar cheese sauce. so the whole 30 minute meal thing is lost on me...i made the meatloaf last night because it is impossible to cut a bunch of "hidden" veggies for the meatloaf with an 11 month old trying to crawl up my legs. so i cut up all the "hidden" veggies and put them in the turkey loaf - zucchini, red bell pepper, scallions. the other secret ingredient replaces bread crumbs - smoked almonds! i think these made this meatloaf so delicious!! the cheese sauce was very scary to be because i tried this one other time and ended up having to throw the pan away. so as i was mixing all of the ingredients i think i may have held my breath. the cheese sauce i made with no fat cheese and it still tasted sooo good! i also made some mashed potatoes and we put the cheese sauce on those too!! all in all i am pretty excited that i liked the meatloaf because it was very tricky hiding all of the veggies in the mix and the almonds! i cant wait for my meatloaf sandwich for lunch tomorrow!! i wish the 30 minute desserts actually sounded tasty and weren't so hard because i could have really used something sweet after dinner. Tomorrow i am just making an old trusty not sure what yet probably pasta...david will probably be disappointed.

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David said...

Dont worry bout 30 min. desserts. Ice cream takes about 9 seconds! Love you