Tuesday, November 30, 2004

i have been sick....sorry for tha lack of updates

so i have a cold...thanks to my lovely sister in law and the combination of going swimming in 40 degree weather..well the pool was inside but then i went outside with wet hair and that couldnt have been good for my immune system...even though they say it has nothing to do with cold getting sick..i was frozen!! so i am starting to feel better now...but i am still all boogery and my head is super congested. i did finally get a good nights sleep last night thanks to orange flavored alksetlzer ?? on spelling... so i am off to acme to get some more medicine...wish me luck!! hope i can sleep tonight.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

great saturday!!

hip hip hooray!! hip hip hooray!! hip hip hooray!! that is what they do in england after they sing happy birthday and i just felt like now was the time to sing a glorious hip..hip...hooray!! mostly because i had a great day at art&soul and second mostly beacause i am excited for christmas....today most of the items painted were christmas ornaments and i redid my window display for christmas and i am excited about decoarting my house!! well i think i will make david do most of the decorating outside...but i will do the inside...well i am off to eat a delicious chicken cheesesteak and curly fries and of course a coke!! good night.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

weekend of fun

so we are getting ready for an extra long weekend...art & soul is open tomorrow for pick ups only from 11-1pm and then we are going to pack and once mary gets off work we are going to drive to lancaster for thanksgiving. there are outlets, family style eating and amish...what more can you ask for?? oh and our hotel has 2 indoor swimming pools and a little water slide....and a hot tub. while we are away we will be with most of davids family...uncle john & aunt dee-jimmy & shannon, uncle tom & aunt sherri - tommy, laura & jacob - emily and eva, grandmom, uncle billy & aunt kathy, david, me, melissa joy and parents...it is going to be soo much fun!! hopefully we will have time to get in some picture taking and maybe even some family photos...i am going to bring my hair straightener...and some lip gloss....that is rthe extent of my make up collection...sometimes i wish i had a magic dark circle eraser...but all that concealer and cover up is sooo nasty....so instead i just look like i am sick and tired....well here is to an exciting time. and best of all cousin jimmy is home from college!! yippeee!!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

super saturday

so today was a great day at art&soul...we had 16 painters and no birthday parties..for the off season to have 16 painters and none of them scheduled to show up was unbelieveable!! we even had some return customers from the summer who came down just for the day from philly. i even started working on a little project i didnt finish but i started...so that was fun. we had some pick ups too from birthdays last weekend and i invited the kids to come and sing in our church childrens program..hopefully they come and add some voices...if not i am still proud of myself for asking...art & soul is such a great tool for bringing friends to church....well good night. love, melissa

me, corrie & katie
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Friday, November 19, 2004

i want an ipod mini....they are so cute. i want the green one...i know i dont need it but i can want it right???
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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

its wednesday

so today i had my first school project with the local elementary 3rd & 4th grade. i thik it went well...tomorrow is 1st &2nd grade and then the rest of the grades next week on mon, tue & wed. the kids are painting ornaments for christmas and the teachers all seem very jealous of the fun projects...tonight we have a birthday party for one of our locals who comes in once a week. i am excited the guests are beginning to arrive. talk to you later. love, melissa

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

back to the ole' grind

so i had a day off and it was fabulous!! we went to NY city and walked and walked and walked and then we went to see david letterman being taped and then we went to an expensive dinner at olive garden in times square and then we walked more and then we went to COLDSTONE and then we hit the subway and then we walked some more and then we hit the water taxi and then we were headed back to cape may. it was great the walking in ny while it was NOT raining is something i had not done in a few years and the sites were all spectacular. i got to do a little shopping and even ended up buying exactly what i was looking for for the exact price i wanted to pay...a black shawl thing for $15 i love it...i worked hard today and got all caught up and now it is time for dinner...good night. love, melissa
ps david letterman is really funny...he doesnt even read cue cards except those blue ones he has on his desk.

Sunday, November 14, 2004


we went to the movies last night and it was my first time going to the movies since february...and the movie was soooo good!! the only problem i had was that i forgot for a minute that i was in a theater...(i was a little out of practice) i accidentally spoke out loud at a part of the movie and i was soooo embarassed!!! i said very loudly.."she is invisible!!" i even had a lot of excitement in my voice!! i am such a dork....but luckily david and melissa joy forgave me for my outburst!! INCREDIBLES IS SOOO AWESOME!!!

Friday, November 12, 2004

david letterman here we come!!

so for months now i have been sending online requests for tickets to see the david letterman show being taped in NY!! and we got a phone call yesterday saying they had tickets available for this coming monday and to call and they would set up the arrangements after we answered a quiz question...so i called david and made him call back because he watches more then i do...and he called and left a message and no one called back..so then i called this morning and left a messgage and they called back..so he answered the question correctly...by the way i could have answered it also..it was asking who the announcer guy is..i cant remember his name but they said his name and david had to say who he was...so we are going to NY on monday and we get to see david letterman being taped...i am so exicted!! then after the taping we might go see the polar express in the city and a big movie theater...cause i want to see it really bad!! yippee!!! something to look forward to for monday!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

off to a jewelry party

sooo..tonight i am going up to cousin laura's for a jewelry party...should be lots of fun! good food and jewelry...well i am exicted about the food because i am making a 7 layer...well really it is a 6 layer taco dip...the 7th layer is the tomato and i leave that off...no tomatoes ruining my dip!! talk to you later. love, melissa

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

i added links!!

so i was looking at the butcherblock and i noticed that there were some links to other blogs...well i asked corrie if she knew how to do it and she said to ask tim...well instead of bugging Tim i decided i would do some research on my own and try to figure this thing out...and i pretty much got it all figured out...scroll down to see my links below the archives section...maybe later i will move them to above the archives but for now i am happy with what i did!! i am the smartest girl i know...well atleast i think so!

news!! or maybe not news!!

so today i have been up since about 7:45am that is early for me...not big news but still i cant believe how much i have already accomplished!! all of my compex work for today is done...and since art & soul is closed i am going to go home and clean and then maybe go and visit laura, emily and eva...we shall see. so the news...well i like to look at MSNBC The Week In Pictures but sometimes i forget to look on friday when it comes out so today i went searching for the week in pictures from last week and i found it...but the best part is i noticed a link so i could get a reminder email from msnbc to go and look at the week in pictures!! i think that is so cool! so maybe it isnt news at all...but here is a link to the week in pictures from last week...enjoy...just a warning sometimes the pictures are very graphic and sometimes they are hard to look at...dont want anyone to get mad at me...but they are real life and to me the ability to look into the lives of others, including our president is very interesting and i enjoy it. -melissa

Monday, November 08, 2004

beautiful sunset

so i have a beach view from the studio and lately the sunsets have been sooo beautiful! i love the ocean but not the cold ocean breeze we are getting...brrrrrr!! i am in need of exercise!!! maybe tonight we will go for a walk and take some cool pictures!! i love photography and my friend cassy started a photoblog on blogspot...here is a link http://cassymwilliams.blogspot.com... enjoy. love, melissa

Saturday, November 06, 2004

what a weekend

so i had a crazy weekend so far at art & soul..we had a birthday party friday and a birthday party saturday and both parties were 16+ kids and some adults...it was so great!! today the party was for davids cousin shannon who is adorable and turning 13...the kids all seemed to have a good time. and the best part is since she is family we got to eat all the good food too...and Mary made the cupcakes...delicious!! and tomorrow all the family is getting together for lunch to celebrate shannon & melissa joys birthdays...and that means more cake!! it is 8:48pm and the last customers just left so we are cleaning up and getting ready to go...oh yea i made 2 baskets for uncle john to give to his clients and they were super cool!! everyone loved them...and one lady said she wants to order some for her husband to give to his clients..yipppeeee!! i will post some pics of them later (the baskets...even though there is no basket involved...lol) love, melissa

Friday, November 05, 2004

he loves me.

this is a picture david took of me. if you click on it it will go to his photoblog...check it out.
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Thursday, November 04, 2004

will this beauty ever fall?? ok well i have been trying to log on to my weblog and it is going very slowly...so i thought i would try to beat the system and do it this way...today was a great day for me despite the rain and cold. i got a lot of work done for both of my jobs and i am very proud of my accomplishments...i also enjoyed conversation with a customer and she even brought me a bunch of hair products that her sister gave to her and she wont ever use!! all in all a great day.
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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

fall trees and a victorian mansion
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fall colors
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my new hair do...layers with a little bit of color...it is hard to see..but i love it.
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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

jesse at art & soul
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