Saturday, October 30, 2004

landing in atlantic city

so when i flew in from california i had a window seat and when the plane came around the southern tip of new jersey as it always does i saw the cape may light house and then all around for miles i saw the most beautiful sight! it looked like new jersey was on fire...actually like there were many small fires in patches as far as i could see. since ther was no smoke i knew it wasnt fire. the autumn leaves had all begun turning before i left but it was dark when i took off and i didnt have a window the landing was spectacular!! i cant even begin to explain how cool it was to see fall from the air. i have been wanting to type this since i got back but just havent had time. if you have never seen fall...i mean the fall where all the trees leaves turn and then begin to fall you should consider coming to visit us in the fall...another cool thing is when you drive down the street the leaves are falling and every once in a while it is like the sky is raining orange, red and yellow leaves and the wind picks up and blows them all around the car.

Friday, October 29, 2004

this is emily. taken in her grandparents home by me.
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this is cousin laura and eva. (beautiful)
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this is eva...emily's 5 week old baby sister.(in her grandma's garden)
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Thursday, October 28, 2004

what a week

so i know the week isnt over but so far it has been a whirlwind for me. it began on sunday at 5:40pm when i boarded a plane in atlantic city headed for cincinnati and then for lax and it has not slowed down one bit. i am glad to report that i had time to visit many friends and of course family but unfortunately this was a work trip so i didnt get to see everyone i really wanted to see and i am sorry if i missed you on this trip. i stayed out way too late on night 1 of my week that would be monday and so i was feeling the pain the rest of the week. i am now sitting in my parents office and i just finished a huge project of going through my crap that i left here and deciding what should be done with it. there are still 10 boxes that i need them to hold onto and thus far they are willing...i got rid of 8 boxes and then there are 2 boxes of christmas decorations i have labeled and asked them to send to me. i got to see my dad and just sit and talk and he even was early for dinner tonight, he beat me. then after dinner cassy came to my parents and helped me with my project. i have packed up a large black suitcase, a small purple case, a green guitar and a back pack to take back with me. it was hard to choose what to take and what to ship and what to leave...i mean these things have some value (to me) and are useful for life so i want to have them where i am living...but right now the value of the 10 boxes does not seem enough to pay to send them to they will sit in the garage waiting for the day they are able to do whatever their intended use is. so now that you have read my ramblings i say i must go to sleep because i have a 6am flight and have to be to the airport at is now 1:30am so hopefully i fall asleep fast and i can sleep while in the air tomorrow. love, melissa

Monday, October 25, 2004

in california

so i am here in ca working at compex...working is the key word...gotta get back.

some day i will go is a picture that came on my computer and i love is my desktop picture.
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Saturday, October 23, 2004

view from the store

so for any of you who have not been to cape may and seen my ceramic studio...i wanted to give a brief description of what i see out of my windows. it is different now then it was in june, july or august..but it is still beautiful. it is 12:28pm and as i look out the windows i see the sea wall (which was installed years ago to help reduce flooding when hurricanes come up the coast) on the sea wall is a boardwalk ..a horse and buggy just drove on the boardwalk are a few families walking with their coats and scarves...just beyond the boardwalk is a few feet of sea grass or wild love grass as i have seen it called on signs around cape may...and right at the edge of the sea grass is a cute little fence that seperates the sea grass from the sand. the sand is only a short length compared to most other beaches (it is eroding due to a man made canal during a war..i dont know which war..sorry) then the water...the atlantic ocean... today there are not any boats or atleast none i can see. there will probably be a whale watching tour or a dolphin boat sometime today. in the summer the ocean is full of boats...parasailing...advertising and of course the beach is covered with umbrellas..the unbrellas blocked my view so it is nice to see the water but the customers have all gone the umbrellas are something to look forward to. so i am off to paint some samples..and get some to do stuff off of my list.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

good day

yippee!! today has been a good day...2 painters and a whole shipment of ornaments...i love them they are super cute and i think they will sell fast because they are $4 each and i have a little sale of buy 1, 2 and 3 is that should be a good incentive... other then that jsut enjoying the to have dinner and spend time with the family...and see jesse my sweetheart dog..he loves case you didnt already know he pees everytime i go over to his house...i have to admit he pees when he gets excited for a few other people..but that isnt very often... he is so cute. oh yeah i helped with carvan last night...the 1 &2nd graders and watched jersey girl for the 2nd is cute but super cheesy...thats ok though...i have to say i liked it any way.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

rainy day

so today is a rainy day...i got up did compex work and even had 2 customers at art & soul...gotta love that since we arent even supposed to be open today!! so i am off to the grocery store to buy stuff to cook dinner tonight for the family...then off to church for a work night. i am working on some advertising for businesses and some give aways...i will post some pics once the pieces are painted.

Monday, October 18, 2004

hay ride... what fun!

so this weekend i closed up art & soul early on saturday and we headed up the road about 15 minutes to Uncle Tom & Aunt Sherri McNulty's house...they were having a fall party and bon fire and a hay was sooo much fun. We ate and ate and ate...aunt sherri is a wonderful cook and a great hostess...and their home is gorgeous...she had it all decorated for fall and on the back deck they had a bonfire set up and of course i sat very close to it...i love the fire it is so nice and warm. so the hayride is a neat thing that i never heard fo before...they have a tractor and attach a trailer to the back of the tractor and inside the trailer they fill it with you sit in the trailer and go all around the property...and the property is so nice...we even had to duck at one point because the trees were a little low. it was so fun with all the little kids...davids cousins have little ones...zach, sophie & emily and they are all at very cute stages and ages...sophie looked up at the moon and said, "oh look there is sophies moon.." they all also saw dragons, deer and monsters out in the woods and kept telling us to be was awesome!! then we went back to the house sat by the fire and had dessert...yum! i had brownies with marshmallow on top, pumpkin pie and pretzel rods dipped in chocolate... it was so much fun. unfortunatley it was too dark to get any pictures...but i promise it was fun.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

halloween is coming

so today when i logged onto the internet there was an article on msn about carving pumpkins...and they had info about fake pumpkins that you can buy that are made of that is getting lazy...there was one good cut out the bottom of the pumpkin if you choose to use a real pumpkin and then you can just set the pumpkin on top of the candle...anyway here is the link to the article...

have a happy day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

me today i am super sleepy..but i love my long hair....just need to find the right products to keep the frizz away.
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So Martha has been on the cover of a lot of magazines lately you know the the line at the the supermarket is called ACME it is a part of the Albertson's family but ACME is such a cool name the place where you can buy rocket skates and anyway i went to to see what it is all about and i have to say i am going to send martha a letter in jail..maybe i am wierd but i hope getting a letter will brighten her day..i know i love getting mail. so anyway i agree FREE MARTHA.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

eat so fast u choke

so have u ever eaten something so fast u almost choke or sorta do choke? well that happened to me right now..i am eating the 1/2 of my pizza from lunch that i didnt eat at lunch it is cold and it has been a very long time since lunch but i have been too busy to i love cold pizza and i now know i have to chew my food before i swallow.
love, melissa

Friday, October 08, 2004

o to be 13

wow we had a birthday party at art & soul for a girl turning really brings light to the greatness of being a 13 year old...they havent yet become nasty and they still have so much fun. the group that was here tonight was a lot of fun...very loud and non stop talkers but still fun. it reminded me of when i was 13 and that is when i made all of the great friends that i still have today...i miss you friends...but i am so glad to have the email and these lovely blogs and the phone...thank goodness for modern technology. so on my friend laura's 19th birthday celebration - happy birthday laura- i celebrated with 6 girls i don't even know but they enjoyed painting and i enjoyed their for all. it was a great day for art & soul and for me too.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

wow...lots of interesting requests

so i guess i opened a can of worms so they say. i will do my best to take the pictures requested..and as other requests come in i will try to fill those. the picture of david in a speedo in the snow is difficult because it hasnt and wont start snowing here for a while..but when it does or if we happen to get a fluke snowstorm in the fall i will try to get that shot. the other obstacle is david doesnt own a if he ever purchases one or receives one as a gift i will be sure to get the picture. but i can get one of him shirtless in the snow in our front yard. for corrie..our kitchen is clean actually we have grown up a lot since our first apartment and everything is clean we even keep up with the laundry...since we have a washer and dryer. i will get a picture of our kitchen it is very and white and small but much much bigger then the hallway of a kitchen we had in our apt in long beach. it even fits a dining table and 6 chairs right in the kitchen and has a real life size fridge..the stove is still small but thats ok because we eat over at david's parents almost everynight. we did have them over for burritos this week that was nice. the motorcycle shot for laura i can do this but i will have to buy a disposable camera because i dont want to chance losing or dropping our next time we go for a motorbike ride i will take that picture. last but not least the modern worship service...i will check to see if anyone has any pictures...but it is only in the summer when the college kids are back from school...sorry about that..but if i can't find any pictures i will try to take one next summer for you, Tim. Life is good. i love david bruce macomber jr.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

3 Photos

So i was reading a few random blogs today in between reports and i stumbled across an idea that i liked and now i am going to try it out here. as the readers of this blog i am asking what 3 pictures you would like to see...anything that i can take a picture of on the east coast that you have always wanted to see...or something simple like my house or kitchen or backyard...let me know and i will post them as soon as i can take them.

my lunch..the sad part is the coke cup is filled with water because i am trying to stop drinking the evil coca cola or cherry cola or any sort of cola product. i am going to try to have 1 a day at dinner and then even get down to none...we shall see..i know it is bad for me but it tastes sooo good. i love coca cola but enough is enough.
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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

we planted some yellow mums and some red ones with yellow centers
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what a morning!

so today i got to sleep in, you see Art & Soul is only open Wed-Sat i dont have to be down there at any specific time. i still have my compex work to do which i can do some stuff with out the internet but most of it i have to be logged on to the world wide web...which we don't have at our place yet because of the cost...since we have it at the store and david's parents have it we can save a little cash and drive the 2 min to his parents or the 6 minutes to the store....depending on the lights of course. anyway...i got up and had a message from my bank that my account had a large check going through and it was going to be over what i had in the bank....oh the joys of small town banking...i can tell u right now washington mutual would not have called me back if i messed up o n my i ran down to the bank and put the money in that would have been over...and called my landlord because that is who the big check was for to let them know it would go through i learned a good lesson....triple check your math and always write down what is going in and out of your bank acct. i have no excuses but i am so greatful to my bank and the amazing manager who made a personal call to me to make sure i knew what was going on...thank goodness!! so everything is all good and my house is cute because yesterday evening i worked in the garden..i have never pulled weeds before and i dont know if i ever want to pull them again (except there are still a lot in the back and side yards) so this is the first time we have spent time or money on our yard and it looks so nice. i will have to put up before and after pictures...or have david put them up on our hompage site. we pulled all the weeds and planted mums and then david put mulch around everything...i am very proud of our hard work and i love the way it looks. ok gotta get some work, melissa

Monday, October 04, 2004

its october!!!

so we had a great weekend...the store was busy on saturday we had a birthday party for a little girl who turned 5 that was nice...and then we were busy most of the night!! we took my sis back to the airport super early sunday morning and then we went to morey's pier and david spoke for the Bot Scouts and Girl Scouts Beach Jam - "church" service. there were about 150 people and they were there by choice so that was cool. he caught everyone off guard when he hit himself in the forehead with the microphone....then he closed in prayer...crasy man. the service was in a picnic area at the end of the schelleneger pier and the water was really was super cool. i had a great its back to the ole' grind of working...i think we might work in our garden this if we do i will take a before and after pic and put it up. enjoy your day.
love, melissa

Friday, October 01, 2004

i love new york. i really really love to go there. the east coast has a few very cool things and one of them is NY City.
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