Sunday, May 29, 2005

busy weekend

summer is almost here! and cape may is booming this weekend! i am lookign forward to a busy summer...but my feet are going to need to adjust! hope everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful monday off!!

Friday, May 27, 2005

fun with melissa joy

happy anniversary david

i love my husband! we already celebrated our anniversary on tuesday we went to atlantic city and stayed in a hotel. we even had a nice dinner and i got some new clothes! thanks love!! happy 5th anniversary!!

Monday, May 23, 2005

horse shoe crabs

Melissa Joy and I went for a walk with Jesse and Charlie on the bay and we saw all these horseshoe crabs...they were mating! she told me that after they mate the boys die and then the girls lay the eggs in the sand and die. how sad.

busy or not busy

so the camp out was cancelled due to bad weather. which was ok because i had so much to do and no time to get ready for the camping. it is going to be the first weekend in june. so that should be interesting...poor david has to work the store by himself. he will be fine...i know. so what did i end up doing with my weekend? well i put away stock and helped painters and cleaned and then sunday i got to hang out with my little sister...we went for a long walk and then we went to the arcade and played was lots of fun. we even got bracelets as prizes....i took some pictures so i will update them later. today i am working and then going to staples and picking up melissa joy from!

Friday, May 20, 2005

rough seas on the ferry

so davids dad is a captain on the Cape May Lewes Ferry and he called me today after he got off work and told me all about his crazy day! On his first trip the boat had some big boat thing happen where the boat flexes with the ocean and it caused the boat to flex too much and then the windows in the nice sitting area on the front of the boat blew out...then the other sitting area on the top deck had the same thing happen. so when they got back to Cape May they switched to a different boat. Well another crew had loaded that boat and they loaded cars all the way to the front. Imagine if you will that you are the owner of a brand new Nissan Quest Mini-Van and you are sitting in the nice cabin upstairs and you notice the boat dipping a lot. Well you guessed it the boat took some seas (i think that is how he put it) and it blew out the back window of the brand new mini-van and filled it with salt water. not a fun day for our dad. not that he could have controlled any of it. so he finally got off work at 4pm after filling out a bunch of paperwork..he was supposed to get off at 2pm. And they CANCELLED the ferry for the rest of the night. I am glad he is ok. weather report

Thursday, May 19, 2005

big weekend

so this weekend..actually tomorrow night is my caravan camp out! i am preparing for that today and most of tomorrow. I teach 1st & 2nd grade and we are going to camp in tents!! So far I have a quest or search planned where we are going to go through the woods and stop along the way for different activities. Then they will each get a goodie bag at the end. Then on Sunday we are helping with an event at Morey's Pier for over 5,000 boy scouts and girl scouts. (i have to dye some lab coats tonight for that) This should be a great adventure...we are taking a trailer that is set up for puppet shows along the beach to try to get people to come to the church service. We went to see star wars at midnight last was really cool. the movie theater is kinda crappy but it was worth the back ache. ( i am spoiled from stadium seating in CA) i will update with some pictures of my camp out and the Morey's Pier event. Today I am working at Art & Soul...i cleaned up the back room. FUN! And Monday we get our first order of the season!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

finally legal

so i have been battling the MVC or as other states call it the DMV for months to try to get our car registered in NJ. One would think that they would try to make it easy for you...but they dont. So i finally got a post card in the mail saying that they had all the paperwork in order and I could come in with in the next 10 days..if i didnt come in they would make me start over!! I dont know about you, but i hate the idea of being pulled over and i hated the feeling of not having a legal car for so many months...especially because it was out of my control, but what am i going to give the cop my sob story about how lame the MVC is?? Yeah i dont think thankfully we havent been pulled over but now it doesnt matter if we get pulled over we have NJ plates and we have 2 weeks to get the car inspected which is something they dont do in CA. We have to go to this place where they take our car and go over it top to bottom to make sure it is road worthy...right now the brake indicator is squeaking so it prob wont pass and we need new tires. so david and his dad are going to replace the brakes next week and we are going to get new tires. then we will be done with the MVC or DMV depends on where you come from...and our tags should be good for 5 years!! I am so happy to be done with it!!

Monday, May 16, 2005

what is an outline

so i am at cousin shannon & jimmy and uncle john & aunt dees and shannon just asked me if i know what an outline is...yep! all those years of making outlines is going to finally pay we have been busy. i placed my first order of the eyar for art & soul which is exciting and i am cleaning the back room and the entire is a long process. tomorrow i am going to buy a mop and bucket because i need to mop really bad. i know life is just too exciting. we are house and dog sitting for big dave who went to bike week in myrtle beach, sc. the dogs wake up too early...but hey we get to watch all the tv we want and he has tivo! sweet! ok i am off to write an outline....bbye!

Friday, May 13, 2005

i love to shuffle.

i have my ipod mini in lime green..and when i am at the store i plug it into some old computer speakers and then i set it to shuffle..i enjoy the array of music that i have selected to be on my ipod mini and its is always fun to hear different stuff i might not usually select if i am listening to albums...yippee for my ipod mini.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

dreary days

what is it with dreary days. they simply ruin my ambitions and take away all of my motivation. maybe i am wierd but i think i prefer rain to just dreary skies. atleast with rain there are usually cool clouds and then the chance of sunshine. so today is the second dreary day in a row and it makes me so sleepy...yesterday i worked all day and then went home and read and layed around for a nour or two then went to teach caravan which was very fun...thanks to big dave for teaching us how to make a i feel lazy but i am working and later i might even work in my garden but probabaly i will just laze around and read more of my book. i know my life is so exciting! ok we are going to go to the police station yipppee!! david is in a bit of trouble and he has to get it all worked out. actually he just didnt measure some part of the lettering and he has to cut out the graphics for 2 police cars tomorrow and he needs to remeasure or something. well exit 13 here we come.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

chocolate donuts

so i love chocolate donuts. i have found that entenmanns are my favorite and i bought a box yesterday of 8. so now i have breakfast for the next few days. yum! we went to the mall but didnt go to the TGIFridays because the magician was more for kids so instead we went to some crab place that by the end of the meal i thought i was going to barf. not because i ate too many crabs, because i had to smell crabs and look at the nasty bodies eww!! i know i am dramatic...i just dont like seafood. one time i went to crab fest with some friends who ate crab legs for 2 hours and they all had glisten chin..that wasnt too bad because i had yummy rolls and there werent any nasty bodies. glisten chin is hilarious! after we ate i did get to do a little shopping - 3 shirts and a pair of shorts for $21...super deals!

Monday, May 09, 2005


so today i decided i would go to the library and try to get a library card. i am not sure why i waited for is so cool. maybe i thought it would suck and they wouldnt have the books i want to read, well that doesnt matter anymore because they do have the books i want to read and i can check them out for 28 days for free. and if i forget to return them they will email me a i love the technology we have. i am very excited to get to read as many books as i want and i can even drop books off there to be sold to benefit the library so i dont have to keep all the books i have collected if i run out of room. ok yes i know i am completely random but i am excited...actually i am so excited that i skipped to my car after i checked out my first 2 books, i am looking forward to a wonderful relationship with the library! oh and we are going to the mall tonight to go to dinner at TGIFridays and there is supposed to be a magician there...should be cool.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

i thought this was pretty cool. these people were giving away the carnations and telling everyone that Jesus Loves them...showing kindness is cool.
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Friday, May 06, 2005

make a wish

so this was a really cool thing. the vase was auctioned off in a regular bidding style auction and it went for $250 and the plates are being auctioned off today at the golf tournament. Out of all the smaller items the vase went for the most money, the cool part was that they actually gave the vase back to the family and the person who won it got a plate instead. i found out last night that the whole auction was kicked off by my idea to donate the pottery and in 1 month they were able to get enough stuff to auction off and they ended up making $10,000 on just the auction last night. It was so awesome!! I know God brought them into my store so that more money could be raised and so that they could add another avenue for people to give. I am looking forward to more opporunities with the Make A Wish Foundation, i am going to try to put something together so that maybe when ever they grant a wish we do something for the family or child to commemorate it. Maybe just picture frames or plates..i dont have all the details worked out but i am very excited.


so these are my friends at a sleep over...this picture makes me smile.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

make a wish foundation

so i have gotten a very cool opportunity to donate some pottery to the make a wish foundation and have it painted by kids who are "WISH KIDS" and then it is going to be auctioned off tonight! I am very excited because i believe the Make a Wish Foundation is great and they really do make a difference in kids lives. My goal tonight is to try to keep tabs on the bidding but I cant stay too late so i am not sure if i will get to know how much they go for. one thing i just realized is i didnt get any pictures of the pieces so i will get some tonight. happy cinco de mayo!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

sorry about that! the book...

Little White Lies - by Gemma Townsley (i think that is the author) it is a short paperback and of course it is a romantic comed..i really enjoyed it. i finished it last night and began a new book that i dont remember the title isnt as good. tomorrow i am for sure off to the library to get a card because i think i will be ready for a new book the day after...unless i hit the hay early tonight...we shall see.
ps the reason i picked the Little White Lies is because it was reviewed by the author of the Shopaholice series that i really like...both write about life in England..i love reading the accent.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

busy busy busy

so yesterday we went to border's because we got a $50 gift card for taking pictures at a wedding and i got 2 books and i am already 75% done with one because i stayed up until 3 am yesterday reading...yeah i know i really need some self control. but i like reading...its like a sequel when you stop reading you have to wait until you have a chance to pick up i still had to get up this morning and it took me a litle while to get going, but i made it through the day. i baked a delicious cake for dessert tonight and i have to say i love frosting!! yummy!

Monday, May 02, 2005

i am in love.

so i have been reading the power of a praying wife...and it is making me realize how great my husband is. not because of anything it says a husband should do, because of what it sets up most husbands as being slackers, and not being good husbands. it is depressing that an author can write a book and make a lot of money using stereotypes of husbands...maybe she is basing all of her info on people she knows. but today i read a chapter about affection and how 90% of marriages lack affection because the husband doesnt show his wife affection, and theat 80% of the wives just deal with it because their husband is good in other areas. does that mean..he takes out the trash so i shouldnt bother him for a hug? yea it beats me! so my point was to say that my husband is amazing and i am so thankful for him and our relationship. and the book does have good prayers at the end of each chapter...but just like any other growing and learning book you have to take it for what it is and that is an opinion of someone else. i have been enjoying the verses and prayers. i am thankful for this book.