Thursday, May 19, 2005

big weekend

so this weekend..actually tomorrow night is my caravan camp out! i am preparing for that today and most of tomorrow. I teach 1st & 2nd grade and we are going to camp in tents!! So far I have a quest or search planned where we are going to go through the woods and stop along the way for different activities. Then they will each get a goodie bag at the end. Then on Sunday we are helping with an event at Morey's Pier for over 5,000 boy scouts and girl scouts. (i have to dye some lab coats tonight for that) This should be a great adventure...we are taking a trailer that is set up for puppet shows along the beach to try to get people to come to the church service. We went to see star wars at midnight last was really cool. the movie theater is kinda crappy but it was worth the back ache. ( i am spoiled from stadium seating in CA) i will update with some pictures of my camp out and the Morey's Pier event. Today I am working at Art & Soul...i cleaned up the back room. FUN! And Monday we get our first order of the season!!

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B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Wow, very busy. I'm so happy about you.

The camp out sounds great and in general the activities you will be doing for the weekend.

Nice to hear you went to attend the Premiere yesterday of "Episode III" too. I did not find any seats and my hubby & I sat down on the stairs of the Cinema, as we got late to the Premiere, lol.

Liked the movie. Hope you liked it aswell.

God bless and have fun. Take lots of pics and it will be great if you share them in your blog.


Gabriela. :)