Thursday, May 12, 2005

dreary days

what is it with dreary days. they simply ruin my ambitions and take away all of my motivation. maybe i am wierd but i think i prefer rain to just dreary skies. atleast with rain there are usually cool clouds and then the chance of sunshine. so today is the second dreary day in a row and it makes me so sleepy...yesterday i worked all day and then went home and read and layed around for a nour or two then went to teach caravan which was very fun...thanks to big dave for teaching us how to make a i feel lazy but i am working and later i might even work in my garden but probabaly i will just laze around and read more of my book. i know my life is so exciting! ok we are going to go to the police station yipppee!! david is in a bit of trouble and he has to get it all worked out. actually he just didnt measure some part of the lettering and he has to cut out the graphics for 2 police cars tomorrow and he needs to remeasure or something. well exit 13 here we come.


thebensonator said...

man, rub it in why don't ya? I wouldn't mind a lazy dreary day...

B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Here it is kind of cold and rainy even though sometimes it's sunny. I kind of miss the warm days from Mexico, but I understand that there is a price to have this beautiful views.

Friday. Love Fridays. I'm kind of depressed about my job hunting but will do all my best to enjoy the weekend.

Have a great weekend Melissa Mae & David.

Thanks for posting in my blog Melissa Mae.

God bless you both,

Gabriela. :)

Anonymous said...

as a police officer i was wondering when did david get in trouble with the law??