Wednesday, May 18, 2005

finally legal

so i have been battling the MVC or as other states call it the DMV for months to try to get our car registered in NJ. One would think that they would try to make it easy for you...but they dont. So i finally got a post card in the mail saying that they had all the paperwork in order and I could come in with in the next 10 days..if i didnt come in they would make me start over!! I dont know about you, but i hate the idea of being pulled over and i hated the feeling of not having a legal car for so many months...especially because it was out of my control, but what am i going to give the cop my sob story about how lame the MVC is?? Yeah i dont think thankfully we havent been pulled over but now it doesnt matter if we get pulled over we have NJ plates and we have 2 weeks to get the car inspected which is something they dont do in CA. We have to go to this place where they take our car and go over it top to bottom to make sure it is road worthy...right now the brake indicator is squeaking so it prob wont pass and we need new tires. so david and his dad are going to replace the brakes next week and we are going to get new tires. then we will be done with the MVC or DMV depends on where you come from...and our tags should be good for 5 years!! I am so happy to be done with it!!


what... davidMac said...

me too

Cas Inc. said...

yay :)

B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Hi Melissa Mae.

Congratulations about your NJ license plates!!! and also wish you the best for your car to pass the inspection in a smoothly way.

Hey, hope you the best also with your "Art & Soul" business. Sounds so exciting to own a business like that one. I would love to see pics of your pottery.

Ok, bye and hope you & your husband are enhoying your week.

God bless,

Gabriela. :)