Monday, May 16, 2005

what is an outline

so i am at cousin shannon & jimmy and uncle john & aunt dees and shannon just asked me if i know what an outline is...yep! all those years of making outlines is going to finally pay we have been busy. i placed my first order of the eyar for art & soul which is exciting and i am cleaning the back room and the entire is a long process. tomorrow i am going to buy a mop and bucket because i need to mop really bad. i know life is just too exciting. we are house and dog sitting for big dave who went to bike week in myrtle beach, sc. the dogs wake up too early...but hey we get to watch all the tv we want and he has tivo! sweet! ok i am off to write an outline....bbye!


Cas Inc. said...

-Enjoys making lists
-reads blog
-makes weird comments

Cas Inc. said...