Friday, May 20, 2005

rough seas on the ferry

so davids dad is a captain on the Cape May Lewes Ferry and he called me today after he got off work and told me all about his crazy day! On his first trip the boat had some big boat thing happen where the boat flexes with the ocean and it caused the boat to flex too much and then the windows in the nice sitting area on the front of the boat blew out...then the other sitting area on the top deck had the same thing happen. so when they got back to Cape May they switched to a different boat. Well another crew had loaded that boat and they loaded cars all the way to the front. Imagine if you will that you are the owner of a brand new Nissan Quest Mini-Van and you are sitting in the nice cabin upstairs and you notice the boat dipping a lot. Well you guessed it the boat took some seas (i think that is how he put it) and it blew out the back window of the brand new mini-van and filled it with salt water. not a fun day for our dad. not that he could have controlled any of it. so he finally got off work at 4pm after filling out a bunch of paperwork..he was supposed to get off at 2pm. And they CANCELLED the ferry for the rest of the night. I am glad he is ok. weather report


JodiJohnson said...

you tell good stories on your blog. you keep me coming back for more updates on your life.

B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Yup, very interesting your blog. :)

Oh, sounds like the weather was so bad there. Thanks to God your dad is ok.

Here the weather has been so bad too this week. Lots of rain and storms. Also cloudy and cold to me.

Hope you both are enjoying your weekend. God bless and I'm happy to have you both as friends.

Take care,

Gabriela. :)