Friday, December 29, 2006

some pics

Thursday, December 28, 2006

happy shopping

so what have i done since arriving in CA?
-driven on the 405 a few times
-cerritos mall
-del amo mall
-2nd street
-crossed the vincent thomas bridge a few times
-watched too much tv
-sat around barnes and noble
-claim jumper for lunch - i love sliders
-driven a lot
-had david pump gas (man its nice in NJ to have someone else pump your gas)
-got a carne asada taco from hole mole

what else do i have planned??
hmmm lets see read a few books, go to work and learn something new, go to the beach, go to church, in n out, del taco, red robin, jacuzzi, scrapbook stores, downtown disney, see a movie...JEFF'S WEDDING. and im sure there is more...but for now I am going to watch some more TV or maybe read.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

happy christmas eve!

oh my this day has snuck up on me. i am so excited today is christmas eve i just looked up santa on the santa tracker and he is in nigeria! this time tomorrow christmas morning will be long gone and david and i will be on our way to philly to get on a plane bound for CA. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


so i have had a great week. i had a bunch of great customers at Art & Soul last week. I have one more kiln load to unload it fired last night. I finished wrapping all of my gifts for my family in CA and I mailed them out priority today. I delivered a bunch of pottery today! I have some more gifts to wrap but not too much! And I even delivered 250 ornaments to the Lower Township School day Care. Life is good! What do I have left to do? Well lots of cleaning so when we get back from California our house will be nice and clean. I have to get ready for the Children's Christmas Party tomorrow at church and I have to relax and read some of my book. I am looking forward to Christmas and to this Sunday at church. We are doing the last Superhero of Faith - Jesus! It has been a lot of fun to do the dramas each week.

Monday, December 11, 2006


yesterday was my first trip to storybook land! it was a lot of fun! We rode a few rides and i felt sick after the spinning turtles. and then at 5pm Santa came out of his house rooftop and turned on the lights in the whole place. The only part that is disturbing to me are all of the nursery rhymes are pretty scary! i dont think kids realize this yet, but in the Alice in Wonderland walk through Alice looked like a zombie! We went on a ferris wheel type ride with buckets shaped like hot air balloons and all of us girls sang rudolph and the operator let us go around an extra time and thanked us for the lovely song. That was the best part!!

Friday, December 01, 2006


ok here is another update to check out something cool David is doing.


It isnt that I am not doing anything cool. Lets see yesterday I worked and went shopping with Grandmom, Mary & Aunt Dee. I love target! Today i worked and then went to help Grandmom decorate. Tonight I am a stage hand in the musical Godspell at Cumberland Playhouse. (david is playing drums) And before the play I get to go out to dinner with Big Dave! David has to go early to practice.

Plans for the weekend? Well I am working tommorrow 11-5 and then going to see Godspell...Sunday I might go to AC Moore they are having a MIDNIGHT MADNESS SALE!! But i probably shouldn't go because I should be buying Christmas presents!! But maybe i will find something there!