Thursday, December 28, 2006

happy shopping

so what have i done since arriving in CA?
-driven on the 405 a few times
-cerritos mall
-del amo mall
-2nd street
-crossed the vincent thomas bridge a few times
-watched too much tv
-sat around barnes and noble
-claim jumper for lunch - i love sliders
-driven a lot
-had david pump gas (man its nice in NJ to have someone else pump your gas)
-got a carne asada taco from hole mole

what else do i have planned??
hmmm lets see read a few books, go to work and learn something new, go to the beach, go to church, in n out, del taco, red robin, jacuzzi, scrapbook stores, downtown disney, see a movie...JEFF'S WEDDING. and im sure there is more...but for now I am going to watch some more TV or maybe read.

1 comment:

Tim said...

at least you have five weeks to do all that... I only have 5 days to do all that... I guess I will have to have the scaled down version...