Friday, December 01, 2006


ok here is another update to check out something cool David is doing.


It isnt that I am not doing anything cool. Lets see yesterday I worked and went shopping with Grandmom, Mary & Aunt Dee. I love target! Today i worked and then went to help Grandmom decorate. Tonight I am a stage hand in the musical Godspell at Cumberland Playhouse. (david is playing drums) And before the play I get to go out to dinner with Big Dave! David has to go early to practice.

Plans for the weekend? Well I am working tommorrow 11-5 and then going to see Godspell...Sunday I might go to AC Moore they are having a MIDNIGHT MADNESS SALE!! But i probably shouldn't go because I should be buying Christmas presents!! But maybe i will find something there!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the shopping and the plays. Sounds like very fun.

I went quickly and entered the link you mentioned to your husband's landscapes pics you mentioned but could not make any votation because I don't have an account with flickr.

I will take a time to open one.

Have a very nice weekend. It sounds like it will be busy in a good way and very fun.


Gabriela. :)