Sunday, June 21, 2009

first father's day

today is the first time i am celebrating that my husband is a father. when i woke up to the baby crying i went right in as fast as i could so david could sleep. then i looked over and he was already gone for church. i came out to the kitchen changed the baby and made him a bottle. i sat down to davids computer and he had a word document open with a story he wrote last night. i went to bed before him because he went out for a jog and i tried to stay awake until he got back but gave in to sleep. he didnt make it to bed until after 4am, i dont question when he stays up late he is by nature a night owl and he will get to nap today. any way back to the word document it is titled "first fathers day" and as i read it tears welled up in my eyes. by the end i was full out sobbing!! i am amazed by my husband everyday he is the best dad! being a parent is the hardest but most rewarding job in the world. i love my husband more everyday.

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