Tuesday, July 28, 2009

leavin' on a jet plane

why does it seem like everytime i am going on a trip the night before is chaos? i try not to procrastinate i even set out everything i wanted to pack last night but some how i ended up awake at 3am "finishing" packing. tomorrow is a first for us and for our baby...first plane ride with an infant for us and of course his first plane ride ever! He is teething so our adventure might be a bit rocky, hopefully he sleeps a lot. He is a very cute baby so whoever sits next to us will probably fall in love with him and not hate us!! We can only hope. So as I was packing i put 3 books in my checked luggage and one in my carry on. David quickly brought me back to reality and said "you really think you are going to read 4 books?" i haven't read much since november when Bobby came to stay with us and i had high hopes of catching up on some reading. but i am glad i have a husband who calmly explains that i shouldnt add any weight to my bag. so i brought 2 books and hope to read at least 1. we will be in california for 2 weeks and i am looking forward to seeing my family. i miss them sooo much.

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