Thursday, July 14, 2005

the turtle

i didnt save the turtle because i was going too fast and the next off ramp was about 20 miles down the road. and i would love to have a turtle as a pet but it is against the are supposed to move them to the side of the road if possible. which then i think they probably turn around and risk their lives again.


Stephanie said...

Against the law to have a turtle as a pet?!? That stinks!

I think turtles are so cute! :) My mom would never let me have one when I was little, she said they carried diseases...if my kid wants one, when I have a kid, I will let them have one!

Jill Blatt said...

One of my friends has 2 for her boys. They were the class pets and the teacher asked her to take them at the end of the year. But she did say you have to be really careful of the disease thing...washing your hands A TON and all that good stuff. She has the little ones.

briangabriela said...

My sis and I had one very small one and the thing I most remeber about it is that it got a very bad problem in the eyes, lol and we were told that it was because of lack of some vitamin or because of the chloride in running water in Mexico city. So, we went to the pet shop and got this sustance specially for turtles to put it in its water and it got relief, but later it died.

Also an aunt of mine had one that was big and got even bigger (she used to feed her with lettuce and jam, lol) and she used to leave it sometimes in the back yard. Guess what? One day the turtle got into the dirt and dissapeared. It used to enjoy to get buried I understand. And after kind of a year my aunt found it again. This turtle seems not to have been a marine turtle but from land. Weird. And also they last so long, I guess that like 30 years or so.

Hey, I understand why it's ilegal to have those turtles from NJ as pets as I guess that the Government wants to stop the possibility of bad people to make business with turtle eggs? Probably, but it's a disadvantage for the ones that want to have them just as cute pets like you want to have yours.

Hey, I just wrote so long, lol.

Bye and have a good weekend.

Gabriela. :)

Cas Inc. said...

i had turtles before