Thursday, December 30, 2004

dancing the night away

so christmas has come and gone and david and i went up to NY to get my parents and now tonight we are driving back up to NY to deliver them to their hotel and i think we will sleep over with them and then drive back to Cape May tomorrow. This visit has been nice except i have been very sick...probably in part to the freezing cold weather in NY and the snow and everyone around me being sick. i plugged in my green mini i-pod yesterday and finally got my music loaded on i have to download my $50 worth of music that i got for christmas too....also i have been trying to keep up with everyone else on DDR max...but my mom and davids mom seem yo have the most fun with it....i get out of breath too fast because of my cold...atleast thats what i like to use as an is a lot of fun!!! and very addicting...i can see me getting into shape real quick!! well i hope everyone has had as wonderful of a Christmas and week after as i have. Happy New Year!!

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