Friday, March 11, 2005


There is nothing like Rudy's in Old Torrance...David and My Dad and I went to lunch there today. My Dad is a big fan of hamburger...actually it is all he eats ground beef that is. So at Rudy's he always gets a ground sirloin patty and hashbrowns...then he dips the hamburger in a-1 so today i got the same thing it was so yummy. and of course i had a coke. it is nice to get to see my dad...i really miss him when i am in new jersey, one thing this trip has brought to my attention is i need to make a better effort when i am in new jersey to talk to everyone not just my mom and sister. it doesnt matter how i talk to, email or text message. people i love i want to make sure they know i love them and i am thinking about them.

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