Friday, August 12, 2005


so today i have kept the air conditioning on and the door closed to art & soul. people really can't enjoy painting if they are sweating. so that means i dont have to deal with the heat and humidity. It says the high today was only 92 but it sure felt hotter. I try not to look at the weather because when i calls for rain i get excited that i will be busy and then usually the rain doesnt bother showing up. The forecast says scattered thunderstorms or isolated thunderstorms for the rest of the weekend and through wednesday...we shall see. i started painting a cape may line of plates and fun stuff i will post some pictures tomorrow...once they come out of the kiln.

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briangabriela said...

Look forward to seeing the pics you mention.

Have a great weekend you and your hubby.

Bye for now and take care. :)