Wednesday, January 24, 2007

what have i been doing?

ok so friends i am sorry to say i have been slacking. i dont know why i havent updated...maybe because i am lazy! some of the fun things i have been doing include hanging out with girlfriends - getting tea lattes and going shopping but coming home empty handed. eating good sister and i made tacos for our dado! yummy! enjoying my family. driving a lot! CA = lots of traffic and lots of freeways. what else? oh yes...reading. so far for 2007 i have read 5 books for fun. and i love to read. last year i had a goal to read 100 books but i read 50 and i have changed my goal to 50 books a year. That way i give myself some freedom to enjoy other hobbies and not become a crazy bookie!! but i do love to read.


Anonymous said...

I appload your reading, so I don't want to sound 'down' on it when I say: "Are these "real" books?" I mean 50 books of only 100 pages each are more like novelas? So maybe you can post all fifty on line? So on your plane ride home you can put them all in a word processor and then copy and paste when you get home... And if you are looking for some LITERATURE I could send a few book suggestions your way... If you are seriously reading that much you should read some LITERATURE too, not just chick lit.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are enjoying your family and friends over California.

Great about all your reading. Congratulations.

Take care and thanks very much for visiting my blog from time to time.

Take care and wish you keep enjoying your stay in California.


Gabriela. :)