Monday, June 25, 2007


sorry for the lack of updates lets see...we have been busy. summer is here and cape may is full or people. we have had a great few weeks at art & soul. church is going great a team from our church is in Mississippi helping rebuild after hurricane katrina. and a team leaves for the solomon islands july 8th. so please keep them in prayer. life is good...working a lot and we decided to cancel the internet at art & soul to save $. so i am only on late at night after working 9-9 and i dont feel like writing. sorry. david is doing good busy with work, helping me and the fire dept. hope everyone is good. let us know if you want to come visit. but not for the next three weeks unless you want the couch cause my mom will be here. she gets her tomorrow i am excited to spend time with her! she is going to be sick of the four blue walls of art & soul thats for sure!

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