Friday, February 22, 2008


so i have been a slacker. mostly life is routine we have been busy with church and work. we got two days of snow which was so nice i love when everything is all covered and pretty. i have had the chance to hang out with megan and baby connor a lot which is very nice! in caravan we learned about owls and my kids loved the song i brought i think we sang it 100 times. we had a meeting with the foster care agency today and they did an indepth home study and measured our rooms and asked us a lot of questions. we still have to give them copies of every important document and then get physicals. then we have one more meeting where we have to do a timed paper at the same time...i guess no cheating. somewhere in there we will start classes. other then that how about the oscars i am rooting for juno but i havent seen a lot of the other movies. you can vote for who you want to win on msn.

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thebensonator said...

Ok... can I just say that the becoming Foster Parents thing is so stinking cool?? Not like you need me to tell you that it is. But what an amazing unselfish adventure you guys are about to embark on.