Wednesday, July 16, 2008


went to the beach today and the water was soo cold. i was not going to go under but i got pretty hot on the beach so i was brave and went on in. checked on some water temp web site and it was 66 degrees today in the ole atlantic ocean. crazy! i got a little bit of a tan!! but not too much since i had on some sunscreen so i wouldnt get burned. it is so nice to have visitors cause it makes you do the cool stuff your own town has to offer. we went to wildwood last night and then today to cape may and had hot dog tommy's. i had a hot dog with bacon, bbq sauce and cheddar cheese and one with mashed taters, sour cream and cheddar cheese. yum! oh and a frozen coke. then tonight we went back to cape may and walked around the stores then headed to the light house and sunset beach and the sunken ship! pretty fun day! thanks to laura and emily coming to visit! they are driving cross country (there and back) they started in CA and have made it to Jersey! You can follow their adventure at


Stephanie said...

I want to come visit! Maybe next summer?!? Aaron will be easier to travel with next summer, cause he'll eat people I'll have less to pack. :) I miss you!

Emily&Laura said...

Thanks so much for having us!! We had so much fun!! And those hot dogs were amazing I miss them and the beach and YOU guys already!