Tuesday, October 28, 2008

grocery store

so yesterday i went to shop rite which is a bigger and more diverse story then acme (where i ususally shop) two weird things i saw while shopping. the first was a whle package of chicken feet. really people eat just the feet. it cant be much meat! and the second was a refrigerator (?on sp) in the dog food aisle. i couldnt believe it!! i dont have a dog and i might never have one but if i ever do they will not eat food from the fridge!!

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ChrisMek said...

I shop at ShopRite all the time and have never seen chick feet. I would try them if they had them at my Shoprite. Look at this picture of chicken feet and tell me that doesn't look good!


Funny about the refrigerator! I saw that just the other day and thought it was unusual! Did you check the prices on the food that they put in there? Holy Cow! I love my dogs and all but I am NOT spending that much on dog food!