Wednesday, March 17, 2010


so spring is here! last night was the first time that i noticed the time change because it was the first sunny day since the time change. it was so nice to have our front door open for most of the day and enjoy the sunshine coming in the windows. i didnt mind the snow this winter i actually liked it and enjoyed being snowed in and having a blizzard party :) but now i am excited for in a land with seasons is pretty cool. i am glad that i can appreciate the season changes and not take them for granted. something that is even more cool about where we live is in the off season winter, spring and fall it is very quiet and you can really enjoy the nature that surrounds us. in the summer it gets more crowded but then you can people watch and that is great! especially the french canadians in their banana hammocks (yuck) hope the spring season is full of flowers and sunshine!!

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Stephanie said...

I wish we had seasons. I also wish we could come visit!