Tuesday, May 25, 2010

some funny things from our trip

Our little guy loves to... eat dirt, eat rocks, play in leaves, carry around sticks. So camping was so much fun for him. We brought bubbles for him to play with and he loved them as well. What we didnt think about before going was bed time...how do you put a toddler to bed in a tent outside not in a crib or pack n play? well it worked for us because he was so tired. we went into the tent and that was pretty exciting, we had a little mat and sleeping bag all set up and we let him roam around the tent for a little while. he got to the point that he was so tired he couldnt even stand up he would try to stand up and then just sorta collapse on his back and kick his feet. this was aroun 7:45pm then all of a sudden we hear a bugle horn play the intro to taps and a boyscout leader (we were lucky to have 3 boyscout troops at the campground) came over and invited melissa and jason to a flag retire ceremony. well as soon as the bugle was done the baby sat up and started clapping. he was so excited! the bugle went off a few more times and each time he clapped for it! finally he fell asleep and slept through the entire song when the ceremony was held and he slept through a game of jail break that was being played right next to our campsite. 6 am came awfully early for us but he just hung out in the tent and played with his toys until 7:15 when the lovely bugle horn went off again with the start of the races song. he of clapped for them again! he is such a silly boy!

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