Wednesday, February 08, 2006


so one thing i think that is bad is sitting around working all day which i have been doing a lot of. there is a big project that i am working on with the help of my brother and my friend melissa. we have transformed my room in my parents house to a make shift slave labor office where we sit and stare at computers (working) for hours on end with no breaks. so yesterday my brother says he is going to go for a job on my moms treadmill and i suggest we go for a real jog outside together. so we choose a path and go for a 15 minute walk/jog. phew i am outta shape and my feet hurt because i borrowed my moms shoes and they are too small. so what do i say after the jog is complete?? "that was good, we should do that everyday until i go home." so this morning i awake and that feeling good has turned into a feeling sore and i want to give up on jogging. but my brother reminds me of how winded we both were and how nice it is to get outside, so i break down and head to sport mart and we get me a pair of shoes. so tongiht we choose a new path not thinking about the terrain and we run up hill (both ways in the snow) jk. we push each other so that is good (i guess) and we make it jogging the entire way. then we walk down the side street and jog back down PCH towards my parents my brother gets a cramp but keep going. so now about 3 hours later i am stil sitting in my makeshift office working and i am feeling the burn in my legs and arms...typing is a good work out for your arms and as it turns out a jog is a real good work out for your legs. i am not looking forward to the morning. i think i might take some advil now to ease the aches.


thebensonator said...

surfing is a great workout for your arms too! of course right now I can barely type, hehe

Juliabohemian said...

you can get those little bike pedals to go under your desk

what... davidMac said...

or you could carry bricks with your old man.... i love you