Wednesday, June 21, 2006

busy busy

so i am now open 9-9! i should have plenty of time to update my blog but when i dont have customers the thought of doing anything other then reading (after i clean up the mess) is far away....i have been steady but today was slower then monday and tuesday. i have two ladies who are going to work for me so i can go to the beach and i am very excited about that. one already works on sunday and the other is going to come by and fill in a few hours twice a week. my plan to continue eating healthy hasnt gotten back yet it is hard to go to the grocery store when i am at art & soul 9-9...i am not a morning person so i get up right before i have to get to art & soul. but i am going to order an electric skillet and one of my customers is bringing me a microwave and a george foreman soon i will be able to cook pretty much anything here...the only other thing i might get is a crockpot but i havent ever cooked in one...i love mary's and my mom's stuff they cook in the crockpot so maybe i will look for some recipes. other then working and reading i have painted a few pieces and they are waiting to fire.


Tim said...

reading... cooking... and... the beach... it doesn't even sound like you are working!!

beacherteacher said...

Check out and have them deliver to the store every week. I had them deliver every Saturday when I was in school. It's really easy.