Tuesday, June 06, 2006


so you may or may not know this but i really enjoy to read...my husband thinks i am wasting my time and should write a book instead of reading so many. i consider reading a hobby i have and it is just enjoyable to dive into a good book. he on the other hand dances like a monkey for enjoyment. so all of this to say i have read 26 books since Jan 06 and i am looking for any recommendations. i like to read chick lit - as amanda puts it. but i am willing to branch out if i can find it at the local library. oh and i like james patterson too. so friends if you read or dont read but have heard of a good author clue me in. thanks!!


Jill Blatt said...

lori wick is an awesome christian romance author

and mary higgins clark is a great suspense author

my mom has been loving the thomas kinkade books. and she has lots of other authors she suggests to me...i usually just don't have the time. but she is the one who suggested lori wick and she was right on the money there.

o o o o and nichalos sparks...messages in a bottle, a walk to remember, and lots more. he is awesome too!

hope those help. lemme know what you think :)

Tim said...

you can't write a book unless you have read a book... or 26...

pick up "Jennifer Nation"