Saturday, July 01, 2006

slow day

today is a beach day if we have ever had one so art & soul is slow...i know this week is going to be busy though so i am enjoying the break! david is at a bbq with his family and when i get done we are going to go for dessert back to the bbq! other then that i am having a pottery party on 4th of july for the fireworks and on the 3rd the fireworks are in north cape may on the 3rd if we close right at 9pm we might even make it to those. i love fireworks!


Stephanie said...

So did you get to enjoy the fireworks Saturday night?

B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Hello Melissa Mae. Hope lots of people visit your business today. Sounds like a very fun business during the summer.

Have a great and safe fourth of July celebration.

Blessings and hope you and Dave are having a great week.

Thanks for passing by.

Hugs. :)