Monday, September 25, 2006

new york city

so i went to ny with joy this weekend and we had a great time! we shopped in china town, took a lot of cabs, ate good food, saw a movie, walked around a bit, and went to church at the journey. i really liked the church but the best part was seeing how they do everything and thinking about how we can use it at our church in cape may. i took one of every paper handout i could get my hands on. then we went to the kids dept down stairs cause i wanted to check it out and they are doing the same program we are doing for our kids a video series called kidmo. that was pretty exciting.

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Stephanie said...

I love New York!! I wish I lived a lot closer & we could go together!! The Journey sounds cool. I'm really interested in seeing how other churches do know, to try to take things & apply them to your church. I'll have to look into hat kids video series...Torranice kids need something! I've been tossing the idea about working with the kids (as the person in charge), but I'm worried about, you know, failing! And I'm worried about certain people that are in charge now & how they'll react. We'll's all up to the Lord, but I have to listen if He chooses me...that's the hard part!