Friday, September 15, 2006

sorry for the delay

ok friends...the scarecrow is sitting on a bale of hay (which is on top of what i keep the glaze on normally has wheels so we can bring it in at night) and he is so cute! i promise once david uploads the pictures i will post them.

other then that we have still had customers everyday that we are open and we are getting more cuaght up each day. on a side note last week i had 2 heart mugs both painted by sarah's and i accidentally shipped them both to the wrong house. lucky for me both families were very nice and they are going to ship them to each other and i am going to send them each $$ for the difference. do you think i should send them some giftcards to art & soul??

1 comment:

beacherteacher said...

We'll try to come over and check out the scarecrow.

Definitely send gift cards. Then, when the Sarahs come back again next summer, you won't feel so guilty and you'll have two happy customers who will bring more friends.